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I need a really good chocolate cupcake recipe (or chocolate caramel cupcakes)

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SuperBunny Thu 04-Sep-08 19:23:23

One that won't be dry - not the 4/4/4/2 recipe but something squidgier and well, I hate the word but don't know another one, um, moist

I was thinking one made with oil?

Anyone got a tried and tested recipe?


DontNeedAnything Thu 04-Sep-08 19:24:27

Yes I would use Oil.

If you hang on I will find my recipe. Makes a delicious cake with frosting. i am sure it would work as cupcakes.

DontNeedAnything Thu 04-Sep-08 19:27:39

Here is my recipe for a full size cake.

It should work as cupcakes...obv just reduce cooking time. Frosting would be optional but would make them yum. It has had the MN seal of approval too.

I do all mine with elbow grease and a wooden spoon - never tried it as an all in one thow it in the blender. It is a traditional beat fat & sugar - beat eggs in - fold in flour.

2 tsp sunflower oil
250g (9oz) SR flour (I use McDougalls supreme sponge flour)
6 tbs cocoa powder (not drinking choc)
2 tsp baking powder
300g (10oz) margerine/stork (NOT low fat spread)
300g (10oz) soft brown sugar
2tsp vanilla extract/essence
6 lg eggs

For frosting
150g (5oz)dark choc
150ml (1/4pint) double cream

1. LIne 2 8" round tins with greaseproof and grease with teh oil.
2. Marg & sugar in bowl and beat until creamy. Add vanilla beat again
3.Sift flour, cocoa & baking powder into a clean bowl
4. Add one egg to sugar/marg and 1tbs of flour mix. Beat well. Repeat until all eggs are gone.
5. fold in rest of flour mix
6. Mixture in tins - cook for 40-45mins @ 170C/GM3 (325F for Cali)

For frosting.

PUt choc & cream in a bowl and heat over a saucepan of boiling water until choc all melted. Stir well.
Cool for a bit before putting in fridge. It is ready when it is the consistency of soft butter BUT you must stir regularly (5-10mins to start with, every 5 mins at the end - it sets suddenly).
Spread on cake.

Recipe says that this is enough for middle, top & sides of cake - but I only even do top and sides as I liek a thick layer.

SuperBunny Thu 04-Sep-08 19:54:32

Thanks, Dontneed - This is for DS's birthday in a few weeks but I might have to have a practise this afternoon wink

janx Thu 04-Sep-08 20:12:57

Oh this is just what I need for dds birthday too - thanks

DisastrousNuclearAccident Thu 04-Sep-08 20:20:25

This afternoon???? I assume you are not in teh UK!

SuperBunny Thu 04-Sep-08 20:28:49

Oh yes, I'm in the US. 6 hours behind the UK so we have all afternoon to bake!

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