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Don't you just love kids........

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FAQ Thu 04-Sep-08 18:43:39

DS2 (4.9yrs) has just turned round and announced to me

"mmm these are the best fish fingers I've ever tasted"

They're ASDA Smartprice grin

harpomarx Thu 04-Sep-08 18:45:20

your're on to a winner there then Faq. Load the freezer up!

harpomarx Thu 04-Sep-08 18:45:50

you're obviously. I am normally a pedant, not an offender.

LynetteScavo Thu 04-Sep-08 18:49:21

Ds1 wold only eat my home made organic butternut squash rissoto with ladles of kethcup, DS2 refused point blank to eat it.

I'm of to ASDA for some cheap fish fingers.

MingMingtheWonderPet Thu 04-Sep-08 18:52:11

try him out on mart price sausages too, i'm sure they're lovely hmm

FAQ Thu 04-Sep-08 18:53:17

actually he had those on Monday Ming smile

MingMingtheWonderPet Thu 04-Sep-08 18:55:40

and what his culinary verdict?

FAQ Thu 04-Sep-08 18:56:53

oh he already loves them - that goes down so fast he doesn't have time to stop and talk in the middle of his meal grin

MingMingtheWonderPet Thu 04-Sep-08 19:28:15

Kids really do have no taste, do they?

Me - 'Homemade apple crumble and custard DS1, or a Smarties pop up ice cream?'

DS1 - 'I'll have a revolting smarties ice cream please mum?'


FAQ Thu 04-Sep-08 19:41:46

oh yes they're both rather partial to home made apple and blackberry crumble and custard too.

<<<<<<<likes Smarties Icecream blush>>>>>>

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