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questions about pickling onions, re vinegar type and onion type.....

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WelliesAndPyjamas Thu 04-Sep-08 13:56:19

I've decided to try pickling some of my onions this year, especially since we've ended up with a lot of pathetic tiny ones.

Got some questions for anyone that knows:

1) can I use any type of vinegar? does it have to be a cerain strength? I can't get hold of malt vinegar where I live so the choices are white, apple, and red wine vinegars.

2) I have a lot of red onions too. Can they be pickled in the same way?

3) Has anyone discovered a way of cutting onions without crying their eyes out??? I'll try anything!

Any thoughts and tips much appreciated smile

WelliesAndPyjamas Thu 04-Sep-08 15:37:56

onion bump

filthymindedvixen Thu 04-Sep-08 15:44:44

white wine vinegar is considered best
But Sarsons make special pickling vinegar (which comes in nice jars which you can use.)
Red onions can be puckled - the key with onions/shallots etc is
1) trim off tops and tails
2) plunge into boiling water for 20 seconds, then rinse off with cold.
3) Peel underwater!!
4) cover with sea salt for several hours or over night
4) rinse off thoroughly.
5) add brown sugar to vinegar
6) Pour over onions in jar and maybe some peppercorns, red chillis, cloves or whaever sounds good
7) Make sure onions are totally covered by liquid.
8) store in cool dark place for 6 weeks at least.

All sounds faffy but the plunging and the salt etc will help preserve the crispiness of the veg.

All this is theortical mind, as I am pickling for the first time this year, so will let you know in 4 weeks' time

MrsTweedy Thu 04-Sep-08 15:46:52

I tend to use Sarson's pickling vinegar, or failing that white vinegar but it depends on the recipe. There's a nice-looking one here which I might try myself.

Don't know about red onions for pickling, would suggest an onion marmalade instead.

And my only tip for cutting onion is to wear contact lenses (my eyes never water) or a ski mask/goggles.

Mercy Thu 04-Sep-08 15:47:02

Funnily enough I was looking at recipes for pickling onions earlier today! (and bramble jelly)

MrsTweedy Thu 04-Sep-08 15:48:37

Done now & they'll be perfect for Christmas!

filthymindedvixen Thu 04-Sep-08 15:49:56

red onions in chilli vingar are bloody gorgweous as accompaniament to mexican meals. You quarter them, not whole though.

Lilymaid Thu 04-Sep-08 16:01:19

There's a nice Delia recipe here.
For ordinary pickled onions malt vinegar should be OK according to my trusty Katie Stewart cookbook but you must salt/brine the onions for the time required - otherwise the mixture will be too dilute and the onions will not keep well.

WelliesAndPyjamas Thu 04-Sep-08 16:36:09

brill, lots of useful stuff - thanks!

lol at nicking DS' goggles for chopping onions grin but I'll try anything!

red onion in chilli vinegar and marmalade sound fab

will get started on this tomorrow then

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