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pls help me, i need gluten/wheat free recipes and i am stuck

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jellyjelly Tue 02-Sep-08 20:20:42

I need to avoid wheat/gluten so says my doctors. But i am already stuff what i can eat. I cook most of the meals from scratch but do use things like stock cubes/flour to thicken and other stuff which i now know i cant have.

I will eat meat but not eggs.


Twiglett Tue 02-Sep-08 20:24:33

gluten free flours and a teaspoon of xanthan gum you can bake anything (except bread .. never found a decent gluten free bread tbh) .. muffins, cakes, pizza bases etc

corn pasta is quite nice but you need to do it the right way it's not cooked like normal pasta .. try it with fresh salmon, spinach and creme fraiche .. it's delicious

lots of recipes here

phdlife Tue 02-Sep-08 20:27:42

Andrew Whitley's Bread Matters has a whole chapter on gluten-free bread baking. The Coeliac Society have a recipe book which has some good biscuit recipes (old book though, don't know what's current.)

tesco carry rice-based pasta in their free-from section, it's fine but not good to reheat (crumbles).

I never use stock cubes myself so can't help on that, sorry.

oh and in case no one's told you soy sauce has wheat in - you need Tamari now.

Carmenere Tue 02-Sep-08 20:29:57

You can search for gluten free recipes on our recipe section here

jellyjelly Tue 02-Sep-08 20:59:49

i put in gluten free but it didnt bring up any.

Thanks for the soy sauce didnt know that - does it taste different?

Carmenere Tue 02-Sep-08 21:50:11

If you search for an ingredient here but be sure to tick the gluten free box and you will get recipes using the ingredient that are gluten free.

Leslaki Tue 02-Sep-08 22:03:18

make up your own chilli and serve it with rice. My mates little boy who is coeliac loves it. He is lso addicted to baked potatoes.
I can post my chilli recipe which is his fave if you want.
bolognaise mix on potatoes

Dottydot Tue 02-Sep-08 22:08:30

Hi - The Tamari sauce is fine - just like soy sauce (or so my taste buds tell me now!).

We tend to just not thicken stuff these days - we mainly cook from scratch (I'm coeliac) but either buy gluten free casserole sauces, or make our own but without thickener.

Worth getting some g-f flour in though, for baking/thickening etc. I made some g-f scones with ds's at the weekend and although they came out more biscuit-like than scone-like, they were very nice! grin

Remember to avoid or check sausages, as most have breadcrumbs in - Tescos do one kind of gluten free sausage but they're very peppery. Sainsbury's do the lovely Scilian and Toulouse sausages - both g-f and much nicer.

Also check cereals - Tesco's own Rice Krispies are OK but my favourite are Doves Farm Corn Flakes.

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