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Do you think this recipe seems a bit off?

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BroccoliSpears Tue 02-Sep-08 15:38:17

Green bean and potato curry

Shall I go with my instinct and fry off the onion and garlic with the spices before adding toms, stock, spuds and later beans? Or is this boiling everything together just a method of cooking I'm not familiar with?

Carmenere Tue 02-Sep-08 15:39:40

This is just a low fat method. For better flavour fry off as you suggested.

Wags Tue 02-Sep-08 15:41:16

Ugh, think I would do the same as you, fry onion, garlic and spices, would then chuck the spuds in for a few minutes then add liquid stuff.

Wags Tue 02-Sep-08 15:42:25

Ah of course, never thought of that. I am doing Weightwatchers, but would still prefer to count in a tab of olive oil and fry first I think grin

BroccoliSpears Tue 02-Sep-08 15:53:04

Ahh. Didn't noticer the site it was on. #will fry!

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