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Ready to roll icing?

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charchargabor Tue 02-Sep-08 12:24:47

I'm making a cake for DSD's birthday today. I want to cover it in ready to roll icing, then put little circles in different colours on top, also made of icing. How do I get them to stick to the other icing? TIA

stillstanding Tue 02-Sep-08 12:26:34

oooh damnit it - i used to know this and now can't remember ... will rack my mind but seem to be thinking a bit of jam?

charchargabor Tue 02-Sep-08 12:29:16

Oooh yes jam would work wouldn't it? I was thinking icing made from icing sugar but think that would be a bit runny. Jam is a much better idea! I'll pick some up when I go out in a bit. Thankyou!

stillstanding Tue 02-Sep-08 12:32:17

To be honest I've only done a bit of this and I usually found that it was all a bit sticky in any case so not difficult to just attach. Thinking icing would would be perfect if you made it a bit thicker then normal. Good luck!

ManxMum Tue 02-Sep-08 12:38:41

just slightly dampen down the bit where u want to stick the item an press it gently in and wait ofr it to dry.

ManxMum Tue 02-Sep-08 12:41:41

and don't use Whitworths ready roll, but from a xake dec shop is you can. Whitworths cracks like hell!

And roll out on a dusting of cornflour, nor icing sugar if you need to then smooth with your hand, like caressing a babies bum!!

charchargabor Tue 02-Sep-08 12:43:08

Thankyou! Hope it all goes well, I made a cake for DD's birthday last month and DSD is desperate for her own! smile

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