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So, how much have we cut our weekly shopping bill by with a bit of effort??

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littlebrownmouse Mon 01-Sep-08 20:03:43

A whole £25!!
I'm amazed.
We menu planned (usually do this anyway)
Made a list (usually do this anyway)
DH shopped at Lidle instead of Sainsburys and then wnet to sainsburys afterwards for one or two bits
We stuck to the list (eerrmm, not usually that good at this one)

We have got all the things we need including toiletries (toothpaste, deodorant, bubble bath, £5 worth of razor blades) some branded things (Marmite, deodorant, razor blades), three huge chicken breasts and all fruit and veg. Lots of other things too. So, last week I posted that we spent between £75 and £100 a week on food, and this week we've spent £45!
DH also went 'foraging' (trying to be a hunter gatherer!! at the weekend and came back with six pounds of cooking apples and 2 pounds of brambles. He assures me that the apples were from a wild tree down a lane and that no scrumping was involved.

lucysmam Mon 01-Sep-08 20:16:09

lol littlebrownmouse, are you sure he didn't pinch them off neighbours trees like fil does?

I don't think I could cut mine any more, have gone from £60 per fortnight to about £38 per fortnight for food alone with lots of careful planning & about £5 for top ups of milk & £15 a month on loo rolls, cleaning stuff and nappies.

Although any ideas to cut back further would be good smile

lucysmam Mon 01-Sep-08 20:16:35

oops, i meant like my fil does!

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