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Help! A disaster must be avoided! Help!

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MarkStretch Mon 01-Sep-08 16:57:28

I am making morroccan lamb stew.

It has been cooking for an hour. In the last 20 minutes the recipe says to add red lentils. I have run out and so has my corner shop.

What can I use instead?

I have coucous, bulghar wheat or rice?

Phsycopants Mon 01-Sep-08 16:59:14

I would reduce it with the lid off to thicken it and then serve it with couscous.

prettybird Mon 01-Sep-08 16:59:29

I'd cook couscous spearately - and use it then to abosrb the extra liquid that the lentils would have absorbed. It'll still be really tasty.

snigger Mon 01-Sep-08 16:59:59

I'd say serve it with rice, and add some floury potatoes if it needs thickening up?

MarkStretch Mon 01-Sep-08 17:02:04

Ok I think my options are:

Add the rice to the stew


Have it with couscous which I will cook seperately?

MarkStretch Mon 01-Sep-08 17:02:36

If I cook the couscous should I then add it to the stew?

Carmenere Mon 01-Sep-08 17:03:32

No really you should reduce it and serve it with the couscous. Step away from the rice and potatoes.

janeite Mon 01-Sep-08 17:04:38

Serve the cous cous separately; it will soak up any extra juices. if you think the recipe seems a bit too gravy-ish, maybe you could add a handful of frozen peas or a tin of cannelini beans or something? Oh yes, I see Snigger has suggested potatoes; they'd be good too.

MarkStretch Mon 01-Sep-08 17:05:55

Ok thank you all.

I am reducing it now and will serve with couscous.

janeite Mon 01-Sep-08 17:13:09

Now - can you all go and answer my freezer question in Food please and inspire me to get off the computer?

MarkStretch Mon 01-Sep-08 18:18:11

This is completely unrelated to anything we have been discussing but I have a tiny kitchen.

It is a tiny galley kitchen and it is the main route to the bathroom.

DH now cannot get past me to get to the bathroom as it mean I have to squish myself against the worktop and I can feel I am squashing the baby.

Sometimes I look at houses with big kitchens on Rightmove and weep.

MarkStretch Mon 01-Sep-08 18:18:46

Oh fuck. Sorry. That post was for my antenatal board.

bellavita Mon 01-Sep-08 18:21:01

I put canned chick peas in my morrocan lamb and serve with rice on the side

janeite Mon 01-Sep-08 18:21:02

Lol! We moved house two years ago and I now have a decent kitchen; the previous one was rather like a large cupboard. Don't want to make you jealous at all but it has made such a difference, being able to turn around without knocking an elbow, a pile of dishes, a child or dp trying to make a cup of tea!

MarkStretch Mon 01-Sep-08 18:22:16

Don't make me cry janeite!

janeite Mon 01-Sep-08 18:25:21

Janeite puts the kettle on and offers MarkStretch the earl grey:

in her nice big kitchen! If it makes you feel better, my garden is about as big as an envelope.

bellavita Mon 01-Sep-08 18:25:39

MarkStretch - I saw your picture on fb - you are gorgeous.

MarkStretch Mon 01-Sep-08 18:27:47

Awwww thanks bella.

And thanks for the tea janeite, have posted you a recipe.

Seriously though, LOOK at this kitchen.


bellavita Mon 01-Sep-08 18:29:51

wow that looks lovely - but hey - I think it doesn't matter how big your kitchen is - you always want something bigger - well I do anyway grin

Carmenere Mon 01-Sep-08 19:24:25

Markstretch, I really feel for you. cooking has been my life, my profession, my passion and yet I have NEVER had a decent kitchen. My dsis on the other hand couldn't boil and egg and yet has the most fabulous huge kitchen with a fab range and marble island and everythingenvy

MarkStretch Mon 01-Sep-08 19:52:43

Me too Carmenere- I spend hours in my kitchen and I love cooking.

The only good thing I can think about it is it forces you to be a tidy cook simply because there is no room!

But I long for more cupboards, more worktops, a bigger oven, a hanging rack for saucepans, a marble slab for pastry.....

dandycandyjellybean Tue 02-Sep-08 11:40:55

Carmenere, that is so, so like me, exactly. My dsis has now had 3 (count em) gorgeous kitchens with room to swing large family of humungusly proportioned felines, with all mod cons and swishy's a bitch sometimes aint it? And she's a tiny 5ft with size 3 feet and a size 8-10 ~ had 2 huge babies and not a bloody stretch mark or saggy bit it sight. i bloody bloody hate her!!!!!

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