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Mackerel....bought it cos it was cheap but not sure

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twofishes Mon 01-Sep-08 15:33:32

whether to grill it or oven bake it with a drizzle of something blush ( from fresh fish bit in Tesco is 'marinaded in chilli oil and lime & corinader')and for how long ?
and will new potatoes or rice and veggies go better with it?

Lubyloo Mon 01-Sep-08 15:35:51

I love Tescos marinated ones.- they are so tasty. I eat them all the time. I normally grill them for a couplem of minutes either side and have with a bulgur wheat salad with lemon zest and natural yoghurt. Enjoy!

Lubyloo Mon 01-Sep-08 15:36:36

And at 59p a fillet a bargain I think!

Dragonbutter Mon 01-Sep-08 15:38:24

oven bake in foil with some lemon or garlic and olive oil.
serve with whatever.

beanieb Mon 01-Sep-08 15:39:46

I usually split it and then roll it in flour and gently grill or fry it YUMMY.

twofishes Mon 01-Sep-08 15:45:01

ooh okay thanks for that Lubyloo I couldn't get over the price either!!

Dragonbutter Mon 01-Sep-08 15:46:48

oh i see, it's already marinaded.
ignore me.

Lubyloo Mon 01-Sep-08 21:39:45

How were they twofishes?

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