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Do you NEED chocolate, do you DESERVE a treat? Try this

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suzywong Sun 20-Feb-05 05:27:24

I know this is an unsolicited recipe but I just wanted to share

I have developed a recipe for Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Banana Icecream. It's rather nice and good for the kids too and easy to make and you don't need an icecream maker, and you deserve it!

Chocolate, banana and peanut butter icecream

2 cups whipping cream (250ml)
1 cup (125ml) semi skimmed milk
4 egg yolks
2/3 cup caster sugar (160ml)
2 heaped tablespoon of milo/drinking chocolate/bournvita/nesquik
2 heaped tablespoons green and black's cocoa powder or equivalent
125g pot natural yoghurt
1 big dollop peanut butter
1 mashed banana

Make custard with eggs, cream, sugar and milk by placing them all in a bowl over a pan of simmering water and stirring slowly for 5 minutes or until thickened. Beat in milo/drinking chocolate and cocoa powder and whisk for 3 minutes still over the heat. Put mashed banana in metal bowl and whisk in 1 cup custard to amalgamate, same for peanut butter then whisk in all of the custard and the yoghurt. Strain, and freeze in the metal bowl, whisking thoroughly after 1, 2 and 3 hours of freezing then pour in to sealable containers and return to freezer.

tigermoth Sun 20-Feb-05 06:38:57

suzywong, this is bound to follow your brownies into the mumsnet hall of fame!

does it matter if you leave out the peanut butter? my sons love chocolate but are a bit so so about peanuts.

suzywong Sun 20-Feb-05 06:59:12

umm.... I don't think so, maybe shove a dollop of nutella in instead and use half a cup of sugar, I think the fat content of the peanut butter should be replaced with something similar to maintain texture and calories

tigermoth Sun 20-Feb-05 07:04:44

nutella is a favourite in our house. My oldest ds would love to be your best friend, btw. He adores looking at recipies and cooking. He took charge when we did your brownies and he'll be itching to try this recipe, too! I'm just the gofer and the washer-upper.

suzywong Sun 20-Feb-05 07:07:11

Oh wow! that is a very rewarding thing to hear

tell him he HAS to lick the beaters between each beating, it's the law

tigermoth Sun 20-Feb-05 07:13:39

he does, don't worry, he does!

LGJ Sun 20-Feb-05 07:44:48


That looks lovely, but make with the recipe for brownies please.

Obviously before my time

Lapsed Gym Junkie

ghosty Sun 20-Feb-05 07:46:59

Suzy ... I felt 3lbs go on my bum from just reading that recipe ....
Bad bad bad bad suzy ... now I am going to be thinking about that all night!!!

duster Sun 20-Feb-05 08:27:25

Well please excuse me if my typing goes awry, my computer may blow up with all the drooling |I am doing over the keyboard!
That sounds so delicious....but in my house it will not be called 'suzy wong's ice cream' it will be called 'mummy is in the kitchen drinking some saucelike thing from a bowl.' No way will it last long enough to be frozen!

maomao Sun 20-Feb-05 09:06:13

I was hoping this would be from you!

SPARKLER1 Sun 20-Feb-05 09:12:40

yum yum yum - There must be at least 1000 syns per slice at a guess on my Slimming World diet. But I am oh so temped!!

suzywong Sun 20-Feb-05 12:27:32

here you go LGJ

fairyfly Sun 20-Feb-05 18:28:43

Thankyou for your email Suzywong, i especially liked the " roll into testicle size shapes" tip. I think you would make a rather refreshing cookery book.

Followed your link to this and i am now battling over strawberry fondue or icecream, i have such issues to deal with you don't understand how sressful my life is.

fairyfly Sun 20-Feb-05 18:32:13

and how do i know your husband hasn't got huge testicles

LGJ Sun 20-Feb-05 18:34:07

Thank you, I have saved it for a rainy day gawd bless you dahling

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