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maybe not the right place for this question

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lucysmam Sat 30-Aug-08 14:12:31

but answers are usually quicker here & it is food related. How long will home grown garlic and onions last for?

Takver Sat 30-Aug-08 18:42:26

Ages, we have kept onions strung up in a cool place right through until the overwintered japanese sets from our tunnel were ready in may.
Our garlic usually starts sprouting when the weather warms up in springtime.

lucysmam Sat 30-Aug-08 18:45:07

thanks Takver, just wondered since I'm looking at trying my own and wondered whether I'd end up with fresh garlic/onions that'd go mouldy or funny quickly if not used straight away. Cheers

Takver Sat 30-Aug-08 20:48:32

no probs, tbh we rarely manage to grow enough onions that we don't eat them long before going off is a problem!

lucysmam Sat 30-Aug-08 21:02:31

fair point. we go through loads of them here so thought it might save us a bit of cash as well as being my experiment to see whether I'm capable of looking after plant type things as we don't have any sort of garden, just lots of concrete

Takver Sat 30-Aug-08 21:22:40

personally I probably would go for other things if its about saving £££s - onions are pretty cheap compared to salads & stuff like that . . .

lucysmam Sat 30-Aug-08 21:26:40

you think? I didn't know what else to try, especially this late in the year. Also, I was thinking about how easy they would be to take care of since I've never ever done anything like this before.

It's not all about money saving, was partly something to do as well, as oh has footy and lo has playgroup but because I budget for them, there's not a lot left for me so thought it would be something to keep me busy

What would you try, if it were you? Has to be something that can go in a pot though because of concrete & if possible, I would like to try now but I can wait if nothing else can go in now iykwim?

Takver Sat 30-Aug-08 21:52:22

I would go for winter salads - depending on if your los like salad of course! Mizuna, winter lettuce, pak choi, all sorts of things like that. And maybe garlic, but it grows right through to july, so a long time in the pots if you're short of space.
Also I would grow leaf beet/perpetual spinach, because we like cooked greens, it is the one thing I've always grown no matter how little space I've had, does need a big pot though as it makes a serious root. But then you can keep picking and picking it . . .

lucysmam Sun 31-Aug-08 08:34:04

my lo's not too keen on salad but oh would happily munch it every day so will have a google & look at winter salads. We're not so much short of space, just not got a proper garden I could plant anything in so will be investing in some big pots (or taking from pil's as they have loads they don't use for anything)

Perpetual spinach? Never heard of that so will google and have a read about it.

Takver Sun 31-Aug-08 09:54:42

You'll probably get a better selection if you google leaf beet or chard, tis all the same thing, just different names

lucysmam Sun 31-Aug-08 10:23:55

ta, will try them and see what I come up with smile

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