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WOW. My first breadmaking experience rocked. I have yogurt bread COVERED. What can I make now?

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Cappuccino Fri 29-Aug-08 20:30:57

covent garden soup co's yogurt bread recipe was awesome

kids ate it

I ate it

dh ate it

all great

now looking for more EASY, you-don't-need-a-breadmaker-for-this, yeast-free recipes

anyone got any?

lucysmam Fri 29-Aug-08 20:35:47

yogurt bread? what's that then? I've never heard of it but am interested . . .

bran Fri 29-Aug-08 20:37:40

Irish soda bread is yeast free. My mum used to make it quite a lot and I'm sure there are loads of recipes on the internet. It doesn't need to be kneaded but it does need to sit somewhere warm to prove for a bit.

ecoworrier Sat 30-Aug-08 15:00:33

I never prove my soda bread. Make it in less than 5 mins, cook it in about 25 mins. Gorgeous.

gerbo Sat 30-Aug-08 17:32:23

sounds yummy ecowarrior - can you post the recipe or is it too fiddly?

Cappuccino Sun 31-Aug-08 10:29:59

oh yes eco I think you should

I shall put my yogurt bread in recipes for everyone's delight

hang on

Cappuccino Sun 31-Aug-08 10:39:34

here it is, I think

lucysmam Sun 31-Aug-08 13:26:32

Cappuccino, do you think you could add some sort of flavour to it? since natural yoghurt doesn't really taste of anything much.

Am still going to give it a go either way just for something to do!

Cappuccino Sun 31-Aug-08 17:10:10

lucysmam it doesn't need flavour, honestly, it's lovely

lucysmam Sun 31-Aug-08 17:15:37

oh, fair enough then, will just do it as it is! ta very much for recipe smile

ImnotMamaGbutsheLovesMe Sun 31-Aug-08 17:48:31

Just printed off to try later.


ecoworrier Sun 31-Aug-08 18:20:19

Loads of soda bread recipes around, but here is the one I use:

1 lb bread flour (all-white, all-wholemeal or mixture) - some recipes just use plain flour, I prefer bread flour

1 tsp salt

2 tsp cream of tartar

2 tsp bicarbonate of soda

Mix above ingredients together. Then add enough milk to bind it together. I can't remember the original quantity, think it might have been about 1/4 pint, I just add it until it makes a nice dough, not sticky.

Most recipes say use buttermilk. You can use ordinary milk or you can 'sour' it by adding a spoonful or so of lemon juice to the milk. Or use yoghurt.

Once you've brought it together into a dough, spend literally 30-60 seconds kneading it gently and shaping it until you have a nice round shape, about 8 cm diameter.

Put onto a baking tray. Using a large knife make 2 cuts into the bread, almost as if you were going to cut it into quarters but changed your mind so you only cut a bit of the way through!

Bake in pre-heated oven at 190-200 deg C until cooked through and nicely browned. Most recipes say up to 40 mins, but in my oven it never takes longer than 25-30 mins.

You can cut it into slices (although it's best eaten really fresh it is fine for next day's packed lunches), but I usually cut it into 8 wedges, so each piece looks almost like a triangular scone!

Serve on it's own just buttered, or with jam (home-made of course!) or with soup or a ploughman's or, well with anything!

This is a great recipe for when you realise you haven't got anything for lunch in less than an hour's time! Easy for children to make on their own too.

lucysmam Sun 31-Aug-08 19:07:19

Haven't had soda bread since last time I was at family's in Ireland! Will add that to my book as well

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