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quick question: is dried fruit any good for you? does it count as part of the 5 a day?

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LadySanders Fri 29-Aug-08 09:35:33

have just discovered dried pineapple which is delicious... its unsweetened, but does the drying process take away any of the nutritional value?

WilfSell Fri 29-Aug-08 09:37:10

it does coun t but high in sugar

LadySanders Fri 29-Aug-08 09:39:40

yup, packet says 48g of 100g is sugar which is what worried me slightly! so i may as well eat a packet of minstrels instead and have some fresh pineapple

Seona1973 Fri 29-Aug-08 10:24:07

yes it counts but it only counts once regardless of how much of it you eat (same as fruit juice)

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