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Guilty food secrets?

(34 Posts)
thechunkymonkey Wed 27-Aug-08 19:00:44

You know what I mean, the crap food that you wouldn't tell anyone you eat and love.

Findus Ham, Chicken and Sweetcorn crispy pancakes.

Chocolate shredded wheat with choc chips in, absolutely blardy delicious.

Seafood cocktail or Coronation chicken sandwich fillers straight from the tub.

Greggs Ham and Cheese Pasties.

plus I managed to collect all 6 McDonalds free Coca Cola glasses in the space of 10 myself. blush.

hecate Wed 27-Aug-08 19:02:42

fray bentos pies. Take off the very top crust and just leave the soggy 'undercrust' and the mystery meat. blush slap it between 2 slices of bread .. double blush <scrubs self>

mankymummy Wed 27-Aug-08 19:03:47

crab sticks.
white bread bacon sandwiches

frisbyrat Wed 27-Aug-08 19:08:16

Peanut butter and jam sandwiches.
Linda McCartney veggie "meat" pies (about 40g of fat in one, iirc)

posieflump Wed 27-Aug-08 19:09:02

pot noodles
chocolate spread

DanJARMouse Wed 27-Aug-08 19:11:39

pot noodles
chocolate spread sandwiches (or straight from the jar)
fray bentos pies
tunnocks teacakes
mcdonalds sausage (no egg) mcmuffins

thechunkymonkey Wed 27-Aug-08 19:15:22

I forgot Fray Bentos pies, chicken and mushroom my favourite.

Also a big fan of Curly Fries courtesy of Iceland.

Nutella and peanut butter, always eaten with a spoon straight from the jar.

ellideb Wed 27-Aug-08 19:20:14

Streaky bacon grilled to a crisp.
Crispy, buttery, salty chicken skin mmmm.
Tesco's chocolate cheesecake, 2 portions to myself. Yum.
Bits of crispy cheese left over that have grilled hard to the grill pan/toastie maker.

sumomum Wed 27-Aug-08 19:22:43

KFC blush

madcol Wed 27-Aug-08 19:25:14

Chocolate cornflake cake-thingies from Sainsbury . 2 packs for 3.50. have to hide them from DS and DH.

Weegiemum Wed 27-Aug-08 19:25:14

Pre-cooked cheesy mashed potato from Morrisons (not Smash, the ready to heat up one) - sooo lazy.

Egg and chip sandwiches.

muggglewump Wed 27-Aug-08 19:28:35

Vesta Chow Mein, especially the crispy noodles.
Chicken skin.
Crackling, DD hates it. Score!
Tins of anchovies, eaten as is all at once.
Salt and pepper kettle chips
Puff pastry, just cooked and then gravy poured on (I eat this far more than I should)
Drinking salad dressing (homemade) from the jar.
FarmFoods Garlic mushrooms, in fact the whole LA diner range except meat.

thechunkymonkey Wed 27-Aug-08 19:29:57

Used to love Vesta Beef "Risotto", when I was a kid, can never find it now.

verylapsedrunner Wed 27-Aug-08 19:30:46

Yes, have just eaten a whole bag of kettle Chips blush

verylapsedrunner Wed 27-Aug-08 19:31:28

..the cheese ones grin

alibubbles Thu 28-Aug-08 13:01:28

thechunkymonkey, where do you get the shredded wheat with choc chips from, we can't find them any more and DD ( 22 ) adores them!

stirlingmum Thu 28-Aug-08 13:09:50

Bombay Mix - lots of!

Cheese sandwich.

No, hear me out.

A thick slice of strong cheddar, a thick slice of butter, topped with a thick slice of cheddar, no bread. grin

Oh and buttercream.

On it's own. With a spoon. Yum.

How am I not 20 stone?
God only knows what my cholesterol is.

dandycandyjellybean Thu 28-Aug-08 14:52:40

As a meat eater (15 yrs ago!!) I used to buy a pork pie and a tub of coleslaw, cut the pie up, throw away meat, then used gelatinous pastry to scoop up coleslaw......eeeuuueeewww! Although seem to remember thinking it was delish.

Also used to take boneless pork chops, flour, egg and then dip in dry stuffing mix and roast in shallow pan in oil. Stuffing mix soaks up oil and is gorgeous - but I used to cut the chops in half lengthways - i had 2 dh had 2. Mine were the 2 halves with the fat on used to just melt in the mouth.

Now, anything bread related toasted with loads of butter, or indeed not toasted, with loads of butter. Fried egg sandwiches with loads of butter, mixture of melted butter and egg yolk must run at least to elbow for full enjoyment. Mashed potato with loads of butter made into a well in dish, with homemade gravy in the middle. Eat from the inside out. Any cold left over take away cold the next morning.

Erm, just realised i've posted loads. Slinks off sideways to drink water and eat lettuce.....

dandycandyjellybean Thu 28-Aug-08 14:53:47

Always run finger round plate if i can get away with it (will lick it if totally alone)!!!!

maidamess Thu 28-Aug-08 14:55:26

Well my dh has just taken the kids swimming so whats the first thing I do once the front door has slammed?

yes thats right, warm up some apple cake, pour Elmlea all over it and eat it standing up in the kitchen.

I'd just finsihed my lunch too.

Can we have a greedy cow award?

thechunkymonkey Thu 28-Aug-08 19:03:41

Chocolate Chip Shredded Wheat was in Tesco. Have seen it elsewhere though - they were selling it in Poundland a couple of weeks ago. Just finished a box today so will be popping back tommorrow.

candyfluff Thu 28-Aug-08 19:08:55

chocolate spread and smooth peanut butter on hot crumpets-mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lush

chunkychips Thu 28-Aug-08 19:15:38

big macs
dipping bread/oatcake into bacon dripping or putting it on bacon sandwich
packets of yum yums

JudgeNutmeg Thu 28-Aug-08 19:24:50

Fish finger sandwich. Bread must be white and thickly buttered.

I also love faggots and mash with a passion. [/drool]

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