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Are there any UK brands that do Rocky Road Ice Cream?

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EachPeachPearMum Wed 27-Aug-08 16:57:18

Safeway do one, but obviously don't exist anymore. Do any of the other supermarkets, or ice cream makers?

tonysoprano Wed 27-Aug-08 17:04:45

M&S do one...

hatwoman Wed 27-Aug-08 17:04:57

ben and jerry's phish food is close - it's got marshmallow and chocolate in it. but, iirc, no biscuit. gooey caramel instead. blummin nice.

EachPeachPearMum Wed 27-Aug-08 17:27:21

Yes.... I LOVE phish food!
Thanks tony- will try M&S.

ilovemydog Wed 27-Aug-08 17:28:21

Baskin Robbins smile

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