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If you give your children a snack after school, what sort of things do you give?

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nkf Tue 26-Aug-08 15:49:06

That's it really. I don't usually but they are often foul tempered and maybe it has been a long time since lunch.

Ceolas Tue 26-Aug-08 15:50:45

They always have something. Usually a flapjack/piece of cake/banana

nkf Tue 26-Aug-08 15:53:31

How old are yours? And what time do they eat their evening meal?

Ceolas Tue 26-Aug-08 15:54:49

They are 8, 7 and 5. Dinner about 6. They have lunch at 12 and are always hungry after school.

feetheart Tue 26-Aug-08 15:55:28

Sandwich, flapjack, pitta and cheese, etc. Stand at school gate and hand it to DD as soon as she appears so that walk home is pleasant and she can last the hour until tea-time.

nkf Tue 26-Aug-08 15:56:05

I'm beginning to feel a bit guilty. Perhaps they've been starving.

muggglewump Tue 26-Aug-08 15:57:16

She's just had a sandwhich, pack of crisps and banana.
We eat 6-6.30 ish

AbbaFan Tue 26-Aug-08 15:58:39

I normally have some sort of home-made cake or biscuit, or they have fruit bowls (just various fruit cut up in a bowl - for some reason the kids think this is way better than just a piece of fruit!)

I have 2 boys (8 and 4) and I am also a CM, so normally have around 6 kids for after-school snack at 3.30pm. Then they have tea at 5pm - if it were just my two I would do this later, but have mindees being picked up at 5.30, so no other option when I am working.

ThatBigGermanPrison Tue 26-Aug-08 15:59:29

Half a sdandwich, or a banana or a nice piece of cake or flapjack, or a COUPLE OF BISCUIOITS

bellavita Tue 26-Aug-08 16:10:49

They are always starving after school. I let them have a piece of fruit and no more than 2 biscuits.

We usually have our tea at around 5.30.

Earlybird Tue 26-Aug-08 16:14:30

granola or cereal bar, cheese and crackers, peanut butter smeared on crackers/apple slice, popcorn, apricots, raisins, yoghurt.

nkf Tue 26-Aug-08 16:15:33

So the consensus is that they do need to eat after school. Gult ridden mother here.

deanychip Tue 26-Aug-08 16:24:55

if he hasnt eaten all of his packed lunch, then he has to finish whats there (usually an apple or grapes)
If not then i give him fruit, a tumbler of warm full fat milk,or a crumpet, raisins, or bread and butter (he LOVES bread and butter)
home made cake of some description.
But we eat tea at 4.30-5pm as its too long to make him wait till 6ish. (he was only 4 last year when starting school)

MrsMattie Tue 26-Aug-08 16:28:37

DS is always ravenous after nursery. He usually has a carbs snack (small sandwich, croissant, crackers & cheese, cereal bar) + some juice and maybe a banana or apple. If he doesn't eat something he gets incredibly cranky.

mankyscotslass Tue 26-Aug-08 16:29:16

Ds always comes out of school looking for food. He gets either a banana, apple or a fruit bar, and occasionally a cookie to eat on the way home. He gets a glass of milk when he gets in before his homework too.
We have tea about 6ish when DH gets in.

roisin Tue 26-Aug-08 16:30:47

Mine are always very thirsty and have a quick snack too, even though we've tended to have tea very early (4.30 or 5.00), but a small snack is OK.

Now they are older we do usually eat later and they still have a snack.

PortAndLemon Tue 26-Aug-08 16:32:46

Yogurt, fruit, sometimes a cereal bar or bowl of cereal.

Ripeberry Tue 26-Aug-08 16:35:48

Pink milk and some chocolate...grin.

Spatz Tue 26-Aug-08 16:54:30

DS (5) small pot with nuts, japanese rice crackers (some with nuts), sesame seed snacks and a few blueberries.
DS is very cross if it's not exactly right - even if I offer a 'treat' from the corner shop instead.

DD (7), rice cakes and crackers

both come out hungry, but DD is getting better.

west3 Tue 26-Aug-08 17:00:06

Fruit bread/toast
Toasted muffin & jam
Loaf Cake
Crackers & Cheese

We usually get in from school at 3.30 and eat evening meal at 5.30ish

pagwatch Tue 26-Aug-08 17:02:39

they need a little something after school
( my mum always gave us bread and jam)
my DD loves fruit or ( rather oddly) rice cakes and pate or yogurt

LouMacca Tue 26-Aug-08 17:12:10

Fromage Frais
Pitta bread and Houmus (if just done shop)
Bread and butter (if due to do shop)

We get in from school at 3.45 and children eat around 5.15ish.

Califrau Tue 26-Aug-08 17:13:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jux Tue 26-Aug-08 17:28:21

Lump of cucumber or a large carrot. Sometimes, if she's really hungry, a sandwich, biscuits, glass of milk. Sometimes she'll help herself to a pack of crisps or some fruit.

Jux Tue 26-Aug-08 17:47:19

At dd's school, they often don't seem to have time to eat all their lunch. Quite often, she'll finish off what's in her lunchbox. A lot of the parents complain about lack of time - no idea what happens to the poor things who have school dinners, they must absolutely bolt it.

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