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whats a fruit fool?

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lucysmam Tue 26-Aug-08 14:01:12

just found them in online asda n never heard of them before. are they very sweet? tia

Iklboo Tue 26-Aug-08 14:01:38

Like a v creamy mousse - yummy

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 26-Aug-08 14:03:22

they are yummy, as lucysmam says ,thicky creamy moussey -Sainsb. do a lovely blackcurrant one and my grandma used to make mango fool

lucysmam Tue 26-Aug-08 14:04:13

oooh, think i'll add a couple to try then! cheers

witchandchips Tue 26-Aug-08 14:04:31

they are gorgeous. Fruit compote/puree mixed with cream/custard/yoghurt. but home made isd much much nicer than shop bought.

lucysmam Tue 26-Aug-08 14:07:24

how do you make them then witchandchips? i'd never heard of them until i started my virtual asda shop today & accidentally hmm 'wandered' into the chilled desserts section

NigellaTheOriginal Tue 26-Aug-08 14:08:20

a silly lemon

lucysmam Tue 26-Aug-08 14:09:59

lol Nigella, that's soooo bad!!!

NigellaTheOriginal Tue 26-Aug-08 14:10:56

daft banana?

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 26-Aug-08 14:11:23

sorry,it was Iklboo wasn't it !

witchandchips Tue 26-Aug-08 14:15:23

Dead easy. Take fruit (frozen is fine) and place in saucepan with some sugar. Cook on low heat until mushy.(don't add any liquid) When cooked add sugar to taste and strain through seive or moulis.
while fruit is cooling whip up some cream (you want about equal volume of whipped cream to fruit). Fold the two things together in nice bowl and leave in fridge to set (about 2 hours).

lucysmam Tue 26-Aug-08 14:16:56

erm, yeah, looking back it was Iklboo. Never mind! Nigella, any more fruit fool suggestions?

How would you make a fruit fool? Cos if it's fairly simple I could be persuaded <twists arm up own back> to make some at some point this week

lucysmam Tue 26-Aug-08 14:18:43

ooooooh witchandchips, I could manage that today!!! off to kitchen to see what fruit I have around grin

NigellaTheOriginal Tue 26-Aug-08 14:23:23

ask it to do something you know it can't then criticise it and tell it it is stupid.

lucysmam Tue 26-Aug-08 14:42:57

<rings men in white coats to come and get Nigella>

TheHolyGrail Wed 27-Aug-08 18:16:56

Rhubarb is an english classic as indeed is Gooseberry. The 'fruits' with a bit of an acid edge tend to make better fools....think also blackcurrant or redcurrant. Along the lines of WitchnChips.

TinkerBellesMum Wed 27-Aug-08 18:28:20

I used to do it with strawberries and raspberries. I just whizzed the lot, added sugar and folded in with cream (equal measures) that had been whipped till fairly thick (before it is solid though). Haven't done it in ages, will have to now!

TinkerBellesMum Wed 27-Aug-08 19:04:12

If I couldn't be bothered to fold it (cause I nearly always end up mixing it) I'd serve it in a high ball glass and just layer it, but making sure I didn't do it even.

Califrau Wed 27-Aug-08 19:05:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NoBiggy Wed 27-Aug-08 19:11:41

It's the seed-bearing product of a plant, you nerk.

lucysmam Wed 27-Aug-08 20:55:27

NoBiggy, I don't understand!

i tried it with some frozen raspberries/blackberries and was yummy. making again at the weekend as we're off to mil's for evening so said i'd do desert (sp?) & this was really simple!

TinkerBellesMum Wed 27-Aug-08 21:26:00

It's a great cheating dessert (stressed backwards, useful to know when you're talking around kids, "want to DE-stressed?" grin) and it tastes great! No one will ever know how simple it is.

lucysmam Wed 27-Aug-08 21:45:47

lol, I never knew that! Just spelled stressed backwards to make sure as well grin

It was yummy and quick so thought I'd wow them with my skill in the kitchen! (although my skill in the kitchen is limited a bit but I am slowly learning)

BecauseImWorthIt Wed 27-Aug-08 21:47:44

Rhubarb fool is lovely. Stew rhubarb, with some sugar, then fold into whipped cream with some vanilla extract and Grand Marnier or Cointreau.

lucysmam Wed 27-Aug-08 22:06:33

ooooh, alcyfrolic fool, am liking the sound of that BecauseImWorthIt! will rummage and see what we have in the cupboard. would have to do lo's separately of course though, or she could just have fromage frais

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