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what is malted brown flour?

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Cappuccino Sun 24-Aug-08 12:35:28

can I just use, you know, brown flour?

<new to breadmaking>

HeadFairy Sun 24-Aug-08 12:52:57

We use hovis granary flour it's very yummy.

lucysmam Sun 24-Aug-08 13:00:58

i use plain white for white, never tried brown because I wasn't sure what flour. what's the difference between granary/brown flour?

HeadFairy Sun 24-Aug-08 13:02:29

granary has bits in it, grains and such like I think. It's a bit heavier iyswim, so you need a bit more white flour to lighten it, otherwise you end up with a very dense loaf. Nothing wrong with that if you like chewing

barking Sun 24-Aug-08 13:02:52

I think granary still has some of the whole wheat kernels in (?) hence the nutty taste
granary and malted very similar - maybe hovis owns the name 'granary'?

Cappuccino Sun 24-Aug-08 13:15:29

I can't get granary or malted at asda

I could go to market but it also may not happen

if I make it with just wholemeal plain flour will we all die?

lucysmam Sun 24-Aug-08 14:17:24

you learn something new every day, I may invest in some different flour to try something other than white!

HeadFairy Sun 24-Aug-08 14:20:37

cappuccino - you won't die, but you may need to adapt the recipe as the wholemeal flour will be a little bit lighter than malted flour so it might rise a bit more than you expected. It's no biggie, we regularly have loaves that rise so much they squash against the window at the top of our breadmaker.

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