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summer fruits crumble . . . will the fruit just turn to mush if i don't put something like apple in?

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lucysmam Sat 23-Aug-08 20:02:12

as i have some frozen blackberries/raspberries that i had thought about making one with but if i do, will they just go mushy unless i put a more substantial (right word??) fruit in?

lucysmam Sat 23-Aug-08 20:23:30

please anyone??? was goin to make tonight but don't think i'll be able now sad

PestoMonster Sat 23-Aug-08 20:25:38

Make it, it will be fine. It might turn out a bit mushy, but will still tast alright I'm sure. Good luck!

(I made a delicious blackberyy & apple crumble this afternoon myself smile )

DeeRiguer Sat 23-Aug-08 20:36:11

dont cook it for as long
i do strawberry blueberry blackberry combos depending on what is in season
usually cut the time by a good 10/15 mins or so
tis delish do try it

lucysmam Sat 23-Aug-08 20:59:57

cheers, will try it tomorrow evening when lo is in bed now as she's playing up a bit tonight sad was looking forward to it as well!

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