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Picnic ideas please.

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twinsetandpearls Sat 23-Aug-08 18:01:53

We are having a day out with a picnic tomorrow, any ideas?

expatinscotland Sat 23-Aug-08 18:03:18

i have a deep fat fryer and like to do things that don't go off right away like fried chicken and falafel.

other good ideas if you have a sandwich maker would be cheese or ham toastie.

YumeeMumee Sat 23-Aug-08 18:03:35

Ideas for food or ideas for activities whilst you're out?

twinsetandpearls Sat 23-Aug-08 18:04:37

food, don;t have a frier but do tend to do fried breadcumb chicken.

twinsetandpearls Sat 23-Aug-08 18:04:56

A cold toastie?

expatinscotland Sat 23-Aug-08 18:05:34

that would be good.

or a toastie.

sausage rolls.

hotdogs in rolls.

anything that will keep a while.

expatinscotland Sat 23-Aug-08 18:06:48

just put it in an insulated bag and the kids will eat in no bother.

i find the kids aren't really interested in eating much on picnics because they want to get up and run around.

i do fruit they can eat on the hop, too, like apples or bananas or grapes.

twinsetandpearls Sat 23-Aug-08 18:07:37

My child is always interested in eating!

1066andallthat Sat 23-Aug-08 18:15:58

Having a picnic tomorrow, too grin.

The list includes:
cold sausages
boiled eggs
bread and butter
thermos for tea
water for DSs
sticks of carrot/celery/cucumber

Hopefully, that'll get us through most of the day. Hope you have fun.

TheFallenMadonna Sat 23-Aug-08 18:18:33

My children love cold eggy bread.

stirlingmum Sat 23-Aug-08 18:19:33

My fave thing for picnics, if you like making your own bread, is...

Make up some dough and allow to rise as normal. Roll it out into a sort of rectangle shape. Smear some sundried tomato paste over the centre. Then layer slices of mozzarella, palma ham, basil and put a couple of hard boiled eggs along the centre and season.

Then roll up the dough so you have a long sausage shape and close up the ends.

Leave to rest again for 20 mins or so and then bake for 20 mins at around 180 (just make sure it is golden on top and solid underneath).

I let it cool a bit, then slice it up so it is ready to dish out and wrap in foil. My dc love it too smile

twinsetandpearls Sat 23-Aug-08 18:20:22

Is it not slimy?

I love eggy bread. We have been rediscovering fried jam sandwiches.

twinsetandpearls Sat 23-Aug-08 18:21:22

That sounds lovely stirlingmum, if I am feeling better later I may make that.

TheFallenMadonna Sat 23-Aug-08 18:22:42

It's not, surprisingly.

chunkychips Sat 23-Aug-08 18:23:37

ham sandwiches, spanish omelette, tomatoes, cornichons, fruit salad, cake, tomato soup in a flask if it's a colder day, drinks. Not much gets eaten, they just want to run round like loons.

twinsetandpearls Sat 23-Aug-08 18:40:56

what are cornichons. Soup in a flask may be an idea actually.

chunkychips Mon 25-Aug-08 14:22:10

small gherkins.

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