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making stock: is the chicken still ok to use?

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purplemonkeydishwasher Thu 21-Aug-08 10:11:44

We roasted a chicken on sunday. there's still some chicken in the fridge which i will probably bin but i have the bones and stuff in a sealed container. is it still ok to use to make stock?

MrsCurly Thu 21-Aug-08 10:13:22

Hmm i prob wouldn't.
How does it smell?

purplemonkeydishwasher Thu 21-Aug-08 10:14:00

haven't even opened the container. <scared>

Overmydeadbody Thu 21-Aug-08 10:14:27

4 days...hmmmmm

Has it been in a sealed container in the fridge the whole time? Does it smell ok?

Overmydeadbody Thu 21-Aug-08 10:15:24

It's probably fine, as far as smell goes

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