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13 month old as soon as goes in high chair cries

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bumbly Wed 20-Aug-08 20:49:14

and will not wait a sec and not be still even when say shhhh

and then when finishes food is exactly same and screams to be let out

which means i can't do dishes or eat etc..i have tried telly toys you name it

anyone else have this? normal?

lucysmam Wed 20-Aug-08 21:22:45

we had it for a while, i gave up using high chair, oh still uses it but she tries climbing out. i sit her on a little chair from the quid shop now to eat, and she has a small table we use if she's eating with us so she can reach what she's eating.

have you tried giving her a small amount of something she could pick up and eat by herself maybe to give you chance to eat? kept ours occupied for a short while so we could have our lunch/tea smile

LIZS Thu 21-Aug-08 10:11:58

Does it really matter? Take him out put him somewhere safe(may be outside kitchen with a gate on the doorway if you don't want him roudn your feet) and then wash/clear up.

bumbly Thu 21-Aug-08 23:05:14

tried all that and yes matters because i can't even make cup of coffee as lo howls

noone believed me till had folk over today and they were amazed

same behaviour by the way if i talk to anyone on phone - lo howls for my attention

Frizbe Thu 21-Aug-08 23:07:24

Have you tried a booster type high chair, so lo, can sit at the 'big' table, could be a want to be like mum and dad?

bumbly Thu 21-Aug-08 23:08:25

you know what maybe right - may try that!

LIZS Fri 22-Aug-08 13:07:32

You do risk him being able to get down as and when he chooses mroe easily though, so won't help if you prefer to have him contained while you have a coffee or wash up but may be less frustrating for him amd reduce the crying.

Frizbe Sat 23-Aug-08 22:36:32

Have you tried it, did it work?

lucysmam Sat 23-Aug-08 23:04:32

bumbly, this may sound a bit harsh but have you tried just ignoring him when he throws a wobbly? they have to get used to not having your undivided attention all the time at some point! My lo stands at gate on kitchen gate and whines at me too when I go to wash pots after our brekky or make a cuppa, or to the loo but they get over it and find something else to occupy themselves with. Mine usually wanders off and plays with something else either in the middle of the room where she can see me or brings it to the kitchen doorway where she can sit and play and still 'talk' to me in her funny little language.

If she throws a paddy in the middle of the day after we've played together for a while and watched a couple of cbeebies programmes I get some toys out and sit her with them and plonk myself in front of the computer for half an hour and just tell her to play with her toys for a while until she stops whingeing. It's not guaranteed to work but may help if he starts to understand that Mummy can't always do what he wants when he wants and he may sometimes have to wait a short while for your attention. So long as you reassure him that you're not vanishing forever and do spend some time playing with him.

Another thing is, I think when you go to the loo if he really doesn't want to be left alone, take him with you. My lo will quite happily stand and 'brush her teeth' which to you and me is chewing on a toothbrush with a bit of toothpaste on it, but it keeps her happy if I dunk it under the water for her a couple of times and means I can pee in relative peace.

My lo now does 'shhh' noises when the phone rings as I got sick of her wanting picking up when I was on the phone so taught her that 'shhhh' was when mummy was on the telephone and she had to try and be quiet and gave her a small reward (couple of choc buttons, which some may frown upon) if she managed it & they soon pick up on being rewarded for being good/quiet so may be worth a go.

Very long & rambling I know but thought I'd throw what worked for me into the pot for you to consider smile. hope you get things sorted and less stressful!

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