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DD with anxiety around food

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blanka Wed 16-Feb-05 17:40:14

HI everyone,I am new to mumsnet and need some help with my 4 year old DD2.She has an anxiety disorder which manafests around food.She will not eat outside of the house at all,this includes her minders and playschool.Goes through phases of eating ok at home but at the moment is eating nowhere.This has gone on for last week and i am beginning to despair.She has been seen by child and family centre.She is actually afraid to eat and says if she eats she may get sick.She is the height and weight of a 2year old.Has anyone a similar problem?

yingers74 Thu 17-Feb-05 08:59:16

blanka, am sorry to hear about this, you must be at your wits end. My dd is not a good eater but picky i think rather than anxious. i have no solid advice but i guess you just have to keep trying, eat her meal with her and try to keep saying that eating does not make you sick and hopefully the idea will eventually get through.

Good luck, i hope someone out there has better advice!

blanka Thu 17-Feb-05 17:19:23

Hi yingers74,DD2 has eaten a little today.I am trying to explain that to have energy to play she needs to eat.She appears less anxious all i can is try and relax and not let it interfere with my every thought.Thanx for replying

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 17-Feb-05 17:39:01

I don't know if this helps at all but when I was 9 nearly 10 I stopped eating because I was scared of food. I chocked on a chicken bone and after that I was scared that I would choke on all the food I ate. The gp gave me some medicine that he said would make my throat slippy so the food could'nt get stuck.

My mum eventually got me out of it months later by giving me foods I could'nt resist which she really didn't want to do because she thought it might encourage my not eating.

You could also explain to her that if it's the being sick that scares her that if she does'nt eat properly she will be poorly.

Hope that's some help, if not it's a bump for you! Good luck.

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