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red wine ... quickie answer needed!!!

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bea Wed 16-Feb-05 15:45:13

quickie here... am cooking bolognese for dinner and am just about to put some red wine in (about half a glass... do you think ds (1 yr old) could have some of this?


nailpolish Wed 16-Feb-05 15:46:44

och yes definitely!

elliesmoomoo Wed 16-Feb-05 15:47:02

I dont think so. How bout making a tiny portion for him without wine and then the rest for you.

bea Wed 16-Feb-05 15:47:24

wow nailpolish! quick off the mark...! thanks!

bea Wed 16-Feb-05 15:47:44

oh no! 1 yes and 1 no!

nailpolish Wed 16-Feb-05 15:48:07

but if you cook with alcohol all the alcohol dissapears with the cooking does ti not? and its only half a glass (between how many portions?)

suzywong Wed 16-Feb-05 15:48:48

yes he could have it if you have brought the sauce to the boil for a couple of minutes and burned off all the alcohol, and put a tiny bit of sugar in it too to counteract acidity

I bet French and Italian babies have it all the time

elliesmoomoo Wed 16-Feb-05 15:50:18

I used to be a Nursery Nurse and a little girl bought in a cake made with orange liquor and we couldnt give it to the kids. Ring ur HV?

bea Wed 16-Feb-05 15:50:31

thanks i have heard this before... simmering... to burn off all the alcohol... i'm going to let it bubble for a good half hour... so there'll be no signs of alcohol!!!!

thanks again!

Prettybird Wed 16-Feb-05 15:50:33

I'm with Suzywong and Nailpolish on this.

bea Wed 16-Feb-05 15:52:18

thanks all... will take the chance and feed to ds anyway... who knows it might put him in a drunken stupor and sleep in next morning!!!!!!...

only kidding... you can all stop dialling social services!!!!

elliesmoomoo Wed 16-Feb-05 15:52:22

Okie Dokie have a lovely tea!! Mmmmmmm spag bol yum!!

PreggieMum Wed 16-Feb-05 15:54:53

Cake is different as the alcohol does not all disappear with cooking. Bolognese with wine is fine as long as you boil for a couple of mins.

Sponge Wed 16-Feb-05 15:55:13

Yes you'll be fine. I put wine in our gravy and give it to dd all the time. Simmer or boil for a while and all alcohol will be gone.
I can understand that a nursery would not want to give out alcoholic cake but that's to do with covering themselves legally etc. Also this is less likely to have been cooked off.
They will also let babies scream while they heat up their feeds slowly in hot water whereas at home you'd pop it in the microwave. Different rules.

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