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When do babies graduate from a 2 handled sippy cup... & what to?

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ILikeYourSleeves Sun 17-Aug-08 22:23:24

Not sure where I should post this really but it's re drink so I guess in the 'food' topic would suit

My 9.5 months DS has been drinking from a 2 handled Tommy Tippee sippy cup since we started weaning at 5 months old. He can drink from it himself now, knows how to pick it up and tip it (though usually only picks it up with one hand as he has food in his other hand!). I am just wondering how long he should drink from this and when he should graduate on to something else (not suite sure what would be next though!).

Thanks for any advice

lucysmam Mon 18-Aug-08 09:49:16

tommee tippee do one with a kind of plastic cover with one hole in it & 2 handles to help them learn to use a 'normal' cup if thats any use to you. maybe try a straw, mine picked up using a straw within a day or 2 and then we've been giving her a small amount of juice/water/milk in a plastic beaker with no lid or handles & she manages ok with it so long as it's not full. hth smile

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