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Does it really matter if you don't have carbs for breakfast?

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Tinkjon Sat 16-Aug-08 08:24:28

DS (coming up to a year) is rubbish at breakfast, he's simply not interested. Have tried everything. He will eat yoghurt or fruit - that's good enough for now, isn't it? It just seems very wrong not to have carbs for breakfast (most important meal of the day and all that) but should I worry that he won't do it or can I just forget it and just let him have fruit? Bananas are quite carby, I guess?

CantSleepWontSleep Sat 16-Aug-08 08:29:06

Fruit is carbs. Remember that carbs can be starchy or sugary, and fruit is just the sugary variety.

DD (2.6) is also rubbish with breakfast, but will eat eggs (white only) quite reliably. Have you tried something like that, or a crumpet?

Tinkjon Sat 16-Aug-08 08:36:25

Thanks! Yes, I suppose I meant slow-release starch carbs, the type that will sustain you for a while. Most fruit isn't like that but I think bananas are slow-release? Not sure. Have tried crumpets, yes.

amidaiwish Sat 16-Aug-08 08:42:08

when does he have his last bottle of milk? it might be that he is simply not hungry at breakfast and if you want him to eat it try cutting down his milk or watering it down.

i'm of the "don't make food an issue" school and if he doesn't want it, leave it and try again in a month or so.

Tinkjon Sat 16-Aug-08 17:56:24

He drinks in the night so I agree that he isn't hungry enough for breakfast. He often has a bottle around 4 or 5ish. Can't cut it out though, much as I've tried...

Seona1973 Sat 16-Aug-08 19:51:41

rather than cut the bottle out in one go, have you tried gradually reducing the amount offered e.g. reduce it by an ounce every few days. I did this from 6 months with ds and he gave up the feed of his own accord at 8 months.(we got down to about 3-4oz).

amidaiwish Sat 16-Aug-08 21:05:28

DD2 often has a bottle in the night and she is nearly 3 blush and it does affect her appetite for breakfast.

have you tried watering it right down - so if it is formula just one scoop and water, or if fresh milk, a dash of milk and water. "White water" i call it. It does seem to weaken their interest in it!

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