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Does anyone shop monthly for food …

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LittleFairySmile Thu 14-Aug-08 21:38:23

… and if so, how much do you spend on the ‘big’ shop and how much do you spend on fresh stuff week-to-week?

I really, really need to cut down spending. Nothing has changed in our habits; just the things we get are increasing in price.

bellavita Thu 14-Aug-08 22:20:32

Roughly around £260/280 per month on a big shop.

Weekly, I may spend around £30 in the butchers and £20ish on fruit and veg.

I turned to monthly internet shopping as it was easier to find a code for once a month rather than weekly to pay for the delivery IYKWIM.

Hope this helps.

dandycandyjellybean Thu 14-Aug-08 22:52:26

£100 per month in Asda, £30 per week in Aldi for fresh stuff etc, £50 per month in Lidl, nappies, jam, olives, etc. Works out overall at £70 per week. Although there is only my dh me and ds 2.9, I feed my mil 3-5 times a week a main meal plus lunches, and also feed loads of dh's hairy biker mates every week who have huge appetites, so in the scheme of things, not too bad....

Bronze Thu 14-Aug-08 22:58:26

About £120 for the big shop. £30 for the butchers and then the rest for bread and all the other fresh stuff weekly. Our overall budget is normally under £300 (amount depends on dhs bonuses). To feed 5.

Pomi Fri 15-Aug-08 17:02:50

Instead of monthly we shop fortnightly about 70 to 80 pounds.

muggglewump Fri 15-Aug-08 17:16:04

I try to keep it to £50 a month, then £10 per week on other weeks and £20 for milk and anything else I've forgotten. It's creeping up though so I'm buying less fresh and more frozen stuff.
I use value range everything including toiletries and cleaning stuff

JammyQueenOfTheSewers Fri 15-Aug-08 17:31:54

~£70-£80 monthly for internet shop for tins, packets, loo, roll, cleaning stuff, toiletries etc. Then weekly £10 on veg box + ~£20 on fresh fruit, sandwich fillings, milk, yoghurts, meat and fish.

lucysmam Fri 15-Aug-08 19:05:14

fortnightly £40 for food, £20 ish for toiletries, cleaning stuff and top-ups. i use value range everything like muggglewump though, if not i would imagine it would be significantly more

LittleFairySmile Fri 15-Aug-08 22:51:58

Thanks everyone - my aim is £100 per month to include meat, and then only bread, milk and fresh sandwich fillers such as ham, weekly.

Does that sound do-able, do you think?

lucysmam Sat 16-Aug-08 12:27:33

i think it's doable if you plan what you're buying to a certain extent & know what you've got in for the month.

justaboutagrownup Sat 16-Aug-08 12:36:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

babyinbelly Sat 16-Aug-08 12:51:49

We spend £120 ish monthly and just by bread, milk and fruit in between. This works ouut probably an extra £60 per month. Dont go weekly, just whenever we need it. We dont tend to buy value/cheap tho unless its on stuff that is the same/similar quality.

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