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Help please!

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loucee Thu 14-Aug-08 16:42:56

Having friends round on saturday, lunch into evening and need inspiration on what to prepare for them. Originally said a BBQ but now looking like it'll be rained off so I need some ideas on what to make/buy


twoboots Fri 15-Aug-08 14:19:27

how about some sort of meze: vine leaves, marinated articokes, big beans, olives all can be bought in, greek salad: dead easy to make
do some skewers as well say lamb or chicken with tomatoes, peppers and red onion - if it rains then you can stick them under the grill.
if you feel like doing a bit of cooking: maybe some prawns in garlic and paprika, little spinach and feta filo pastry pies.
oh god i'm hungry just thinking about it. dont forget the vino- sangria maybe

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