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does it matter what fruit you use to make a crumble?

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lucysmam Tue 12-Aug-08 20:12:46

it's just oh wants to try raspberry but i wasn't sure if i'd do it the same as say apple

giddykipper Tue 12-Aug-08 20:14:02

I expect the raspberries will go to a mush. I would mix them with something more solid like apple.

posieflump Tue 12-Aug-08 20:14:19

raspberry is fine, maybe not banana or grape wink

I had raspberry, pear and apple the other day in W'spoons, twas yum

cyanarasamba Tue 12-Aug-08 20:14:35

Fruit may disintegrate a bit too much with raspberry alone, maybe do half and half raspberry and apple?

maidamess Tue 12-Aug-08 20:14:52

I agree. That would be delish! Served warm with clotted cream. <<drool>>

Megglevache Tue 12-Aug-08 20:14:52

I would mix too. i did a lovely peach one years ago. Mmmmm it was lush.

DisplacementActivity Tue 12-Aug-08 20:16:29

Message withdrawn

BuwchBywiog Tue 12-Aug-08 20:19:13

Rhubarb please if you're offering grin

Lubyloo Tue 12-Aug-08 20:20:37

I've just made a blackcurrant (from our garden) and apple one today and it was lovely.

Othersideofthechannel Tue 12-Aug-08 20:21:21

Banana and apple is lovely. I don't think banana would work on its own.

lucysmam Tue 12-Aug-08 20:23:54

oooooh, banana n apple sounds good!! thanks for the tip about raspberries turning to mush, will do apples too maybe.

what's an upside down cake Displacement???

maidamess, clotted cream . . . . yummy yummy im gettin munchies thinkin about this n ive only just had tea!

trefusis Tue 12-Aug-08 20:28:34

Message withdrawn

DisplacementActivity Tue 12-Aug-08 20:29:50

Message withdrawn

lucysmam Tue 12-Aug-08 20:30:16

how do you make eton mess trefusis? still fancy crumble (maybe hmm ) although could be talked into something else thats sweet and yummy grin

DisplacementActivity Tue 12-Aug-08 20:30:50

Message withdrawn

lucysmam Tue 12-Aug-08 20:31:22

oh, cheers Displacement, may give that a go as well!

i'm a bit spoilt for choice now

Othersideofthechannel Tue 12-Aug-08 20:32:04

Upside down pudding is good with tinned pears too. I've got a recipe somewhere.

DisplacementActivity Tue 12-Aug-08 20:32:17

Message withdrawn

janeite Tue 12-Aug-08 20:33:24

Plums are lovely in crumble, especially if you put some flaked almonds into the crumble mix.

DisplacementActivity Tue 12-Aug-08 20:34:21

Message withdrawn

ten10 Tue 12-Aug-08 20:36:30

Don't do a crumble with just Blueberries as you end up with all crumble and rather dry blueberry skins

but then I might have done something wrong

Othersideofthechannel Tue 12-Aug-08 20:36:53

70s book so its in imperial I'm afaid

Topping - 1oz butter, 1 oz sugar creamed
8 half pears (or other fruit)
Cake - 4oz butter or marge, 4 oz sugar, 4 oz flour, 2 eggs, teaspoon cinammon

Rub in flour and marge, mix in sugar, beat in eggs, add cinammon. Line 18cm square tin with greaseproof paper. Spread topping over paper, add a layer of fruit, pour cake mix over fruit.
Bake at 345 F for 45 mins.

Doesn't say which flour but I assume it is S/R

DisplacementActivity Tue 12-Aug-08 20:54:32

Message withdrawn

trefusis Tue 12-Aug-08 21:03:23

Message withdrawn

trefusis Tue 12-Aug-08 21:06:33

Message withdrawn

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