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Can I put marrow in shepherd's pie?

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whatdayisit Mon 11-Aug-08 20:07:33

That's it really.

I have to make a shepherd's pie for 10 people.

My usual method it to add whatever's left from the veg box, so this week I have, onions, good, carrots, good, celery, good, mushroom and tomatoes, ok, but is marrow a step too far? I'd love to use it up. I'm torn between thinking this is exactly what marrow should be used for, because of the way it takes on flavours, and it will be too watery. What do you think?

ImnotOK Mon 11-Aug-08 20:08:20

I would in fact I might now tomorrow grin

Lubyloo Mon 11-Aug-08 20:09:42

It will be lovely.

AnybodyHomeMcFly Mon 11-Aug-08 20:10:48

Good idea - as you say maybe cut down on liquid a bit. I am having stuffed marrow ce soir as it happens.

Klio Mon 11-Aug-08 20:10:48

I've got a marrow this week too and a bit stuck as to what to do with it, it is lurking at the back of the fridge glowering at me. I feel like I have met my nemesis! I need to do something vegetarian with it, stuff it possibly?!

Mercy Mon 11-Aug-08 20:11:55

No! I'd stuff the marrow tbh (even though I'd rather chuck it in teh bin!)

Is that really how you make shepherd's pie?

fishie Mon 11-Aug-08 20:13:36

i love stuffed marrow. with cheese sauce oh yum.

Mercy Mon 11-Aug-08 20:13:44

I meant I'd stuff the marrow withwith the lamb mince & assorte veg rather than use it in shepherd's pie.

Klio Mon 11-Aug-08 20:15:50

What is your secret fishie? What do you stuff it with?

pookamoo Mon 11-Aug-08 20:16:39

I made a risotto the other day and stuffed a marrow with it... YUM! (And good for a veggie Klio)

Sorry - doesn't help the OP with her Shepherd's Pie dilemma grin. I would definitely put it in the pie though!

fishie Mon 11-Aug-08 20:18:33

onion bacon mince breadcrumbs. might bung a bit of carrot in, my mum uses grated cheese too. peel and hollow out marrow, boil for 5 mins stuff and bake for 45 mins or so.

Klio Mon 11-Aug-08 20:23:36

Ah that sounds good pookamoo! I am going to go and do some experimenting!

Sorry for slight thread hijack whatdayisit

whatdayisit Wed 13-Aug-08 19:25:02

Well I put the Marrow in and it was fine. TBH you wouldn't have known it was there smile Thank you everyone.

Thefearlessfreak Wed 13-Aug-08 19:26:29

I did in a veggie shepherds pie rthis week and it was lovely

snarky Wed 13-Aug-08 19:31:07

I thought you meant bone marrow

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