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easy recipe for a cake?

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TracyK Mon 14-Feb-05 09:02:17

Bought dh a heart shaped cake tin 2 yrs ago for valentines day and never used it. Thought I could show willing and make one today for him,
need a recipe - hopefully that uses plain flour - if not I can go and get self raising.

Enid Mon 14-Feb-05 09:03:33

make a plain victoria sponge (is there a recipe on the back of the flour packet?), fill with jam and raspberries and dust with icing sugar.

Cod Mon 14-Feb-05 09:05:09

Message withdrawn

munnzieb Mon 14-Feb-05 09:10:17

you can use...

8oz flour
8oz marg
8oz sugar (caster)
1.5 oz coco
4 eggs

bake on GM 5 for 30 mins.

(if you use plain/SR flour add a tea spoon of baking powder.) hope all goes well.

bea Mon 14-Feb-05 09:28:00

weigh your eggs and whatever they weigh, everything else the same...

4 eggs weigh 8 oz...
8 oz butter/marg
8oz sugar
8 oz self raising flour

good luck, i bought a mini heart shaped tin from lakeland on friday... so i suppose i had better go and bake that too!!!.. sigh! i've been baking ALL weekend ... ds first birthday!!!

TracyK Mon 14-Feb-05 10:14:46

thanks for that - spose need to go to tescos afterall for more eggs, sr flour and caster sugar. you can tell how organised I am!
ds will be 1 on 6th march - I can bake again for him then and use the same ingredients.

Christie Mon 14-Feb-05 10:34:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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