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What can I do with Mackerel fillets?

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MarkStretch Mon 11-Aug-08 15:35:28

I have two Chilli Ginger and Lime marinated Mackerel fillets (59p each - bargain)

DH said 'oooo with rice, ummmm and a saucy thing...' and then went to work.

What can I make?

littlelapin Mon 11-Aug-08 15:38:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MarkStretch Mon 11-Aug-08 15:42:04

Ok, might get some baby broccoli to go with it.

I'm just thrown by the sauce. I can't think of anything which was go with it?

MarkStretch Mon 11-Aug-08 15:43:36

Coconut rice looks lovely, mmmmm.

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