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Only eating finger food

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sparkle Sun 13-Feb-05 22:04:17

My DD is 9 months and recently begun refusing most foods except those she can pick up and eat herself. Needless to say, not much actually goes into her mouth although she will try eating things like omelette, avocado, toast, chunks of vegetables, pasta in cheese sauce, rice and will have the occasional yoghurt (holding the spoon herself). I'm a bit worried she is not getting enough solid food and also that I can't give her some of the things she was eating previously including meat as she can't chew this yet. She is quite good at chewing and i'm glad she will eat lumps easily but any ideas for a more varied diet to ensure she gets all the iron and everything else she needs at this stage. I wondered if a vitamin supplement might help?

She is still breastfed and and the moment is waking once in the night for a feed where she previously slept through.
Any suggestions welcome.

goreousgirl Sun 13-Feb-05 22:24:53

Hmm - could you dip the finger foods in mushed up stuff - like houmous? blended avocado and chicken etc - and kind of 'help'? I stick a spoonful in when my ds opens his mouth to put his own finger food in...

californiagirl Mon 14-Feb-05 00:35:55

My DD was the same, but it never seemed like that big a problem to me. Milk is their main food at this age anyway. For meat, well cooked chicken will work, as will many kinds of meatballs and sausages (cut these up carefully or they will be a choking hazard and make sure you're OK with the ingredients, as some of them are full of salt and preservatives and general ick). Rice and soup become a perfectly good finger food if combined, using just enough soup to make very wet rice, and reheated. Once it cools enough to handle, the rice is well stuck together. Chunks of soft cheese work too. Beans are a marvelous finger food and full of protein. Raviolis are good too, very easy finger food.

jabberwocky Mon 14-Feb-05 03:54:00

Hey, sparkele, I wouldn't worry about it. Ds at 18 months still wants pureed food 90% of the time. I worried myself sick about it for a while and figured, heck, he won't take a jar of baby food with him to kindergarten I guess

handlemecarefully Mon 14-Feb-05 11:24:52

Sparkle - identical issue for me and my 10 month old. I do what goreousgirl does and try and sneak a spoon in when he opens his mouth to put finger food in....

sparkle Mon 14-Feb-05 20:39:57

Thanks everyone. I guess I was just worrying as my DS was and is still such a good eater. I know you should'nt compare.

Some really good ideas here so will try and vary her diet some more and encourage the independence.

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