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why does he gag?

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charleepeters Sun 13-Feb-05 21:46:50

Hi ladys another question (god im full of em!)
DS has stared being weaned which isnt easy as hes lactose and protein intolerent, anyway he loves fruit and he eats baby porriage made with his special formula, but everytime he eats veg i.e brocoli and cauliflower or swede and carrot something like that he eats it then he gags and heaves untill he brings it back up? i origionally thought it may have had lumps but i make my own so i make sure its defiantly smooth any ideas why he does it? does he just not like veg or can i do anything to stop him?

spod Sun 13-Feb-05 21:49:23

sounds like he just dont like the taste at the moment, sont worry... try it again in a couple of weeks when his taste buds a re a bit more developed

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