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how to cook asparagus?

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sasa15 Sun 13-Feb-05 20:46:38

any idea....?

side for valentine...tuna steak meal...

jessicasmummy Sun 13-Feb-05 20:48:30

can either boil til "al tente" or fry in a pan until the same. i prefer pan fried because they keep their flavour xxx HTH

sasa15 Sun 13-Feb-05 20:49:34

oh yeah sure...any sauce...fried with butter or oil???

jessicasmummy Sun 13-Feb-05 20:50:30

we use butter. no sauce, but drizzle the remaining butter over the meal when finished. Hope you enjoy yourself!!!

oxocube Sun 13-Feb-05 20:50:36

Steam for a few mins depending on thickness of asparagus then serve with sea salt and melted butter or Hollandaise sauce or can poach in pan but be careful not to overcook tender tips. Some recommend an asparagus steamer which protects the tips whilst cooking the tougher stems. Lucky Dh! Enjoy!

Tipex Sun 13-Feb-05 21:44:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sasa15 Mon 14-Feb-05 09:43:11

thanks girls......

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