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What can I put on top of fairy cakes ??

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laughalot Sun 10-Aug-08 10:52:07

We have made a few fairy cakes and I never know what to put on top. Any ideas please

PinkPurple Sun 10-Aug-08 10:54:50

Butterfly buns grin
cut the top bit off.
put some fresh cream on.
half the top sectio...and stick onto the cream, like wings
a top fave when my mum bakes

dizzydixies Sun 10-Aug-08 10:55:06

icing/buttercream/melted chocolate
smarties/chocolate buttons/sprinkles/curled chocolate/sugar flowers/lemon zest

what are you in the mood for?!?

PinkPurple Sun 10-Aug-08 10:55:49

icing sugar, with sweet/raisin/or something stuck on top

jam and coconut

choc spread

laughalot Sun 10-Aug-08 10:56:37

Anything naughty and full fat grin. Im rubbish if I ice them .....

laughalot Sun 10-Aug-08 10:57:25

Whats your receipe for buttercream please.

Denny185 Sun 10-Aug-08 10:59:20

icing sugar, butter, couple drops vanilla essence and drop hot water. If too runny - more icing sugar, if too stiff more butter.

laughalot Sun 10-Aug-08 11:00:21

Thankyou guys my ds will be pleased.

Love2bake Sun 10-Aug-08 11:00:52

Real butter (yum)
Icing sugar

Mixed really well, I do mine in the mixer, so it's really fluffy.

You can always add:

Lemon juice / rind
cocoa powder
vanilla extract

to liven it up a bit.

shinyshoes Sun 10-Aug-08 11:59:38

icing then some Haribo, or other jelly sweets grin

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