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D&V Bug - reintroducing solids

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vicdubya Sat 12-Feb-05 17:23:05

Any advice / experience anyone?

DS 11 months has first proper d&v bug, started tuesday night.

Vomiting stopped weds pm (managed to keep down his BF's throughout, anyway), diarrhoea still bad but not frequent.

He has been doubling up on feeds, usually has 3-4 in a 24 hr period - has been having 6-7, as I have been feeding on demand to avoid dehydration and for comfort.

On day 4 he is still refusing any solids other than dry biscuits or toast, and maybe a little cereal but on;y 2-3 tsp.

How long does it usually take for their appetite to return?

I tried a little egg & mashed sweet potato for tea but he refused.

Any other ideas?

Do I have to avoid dairy or is that a myth?


Casmie Sat 12-Feb-05 19:20:30

vic - when my littlies have a sickie bug we tend to aim for the BRAT diet for at least 24hrs (BRAT being Bananas, Rice (boiled white or baby rice), Apples (pureed would make it nice and easy for them to eat) and dry Toast). It's supposedly things that are nice and easy to stomach, won't feed the bug further and help replenish lost nutrients. Ds1 will also quite happily munch on Carrs Water Biscuits after he's been ill (but only after he was 1yr old - might be worth checking the salt content). Plenty of drinks of water, but only in small sips (drinking a large amount can make them gag and sick again)

Day after just gradually introduce stuff leaving dairy until last (I don't count BFs as dairy, btw) just to be on the safe side.

Generally takes as long as it takes, tbh If you're in any way worried then it wouldn't hurt to get your GP to check him over just for reassurance.

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