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Confusion over adding formula milk for weaning

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charl1975 Sat 12-Feb-05 11:10:32


I am starting to get ready to wean my dd who is almost 18 weeks. I know that I need to mix the different purees with her usual milk to get the right consistency but I am planning on freezing batches and then defrosting when needed. Do I add the milk before freezing or after I have defrosted and heated in the microwave. Also, do I use the milk in apple and other fruits

any advice gratefully received

KathH Sat 12-Feb-05 12:49:20

dont know if theres a right or a wrong way but i add milk after reheated - in the early days i have always added milk to everything really just to get as much milk in them (i have 4 - youngest is 4.5 mths and just started the baby rice this week)as i could.

shelly121 Sun 13-Feb-05 10:20:33

hiya, i do the same, add after reheating, and with fruits i usually tend to add boiled water instead of milk! good luck, the fun starts here :-)
shell xx

ps. your from hayes arnt u? think i just saw you on a thread on meetups?

charl1975 Sun 13-Feb-05 14:02:38

thanks for advice. Yes I am from Hayes but the link on the meet ups seems to have vanished. Where are you from?

shelly121 Sun 13-Feb-05 14:53:24

im in hayes to :-) wereaboute are you , im near grapes pub

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