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Can anyone tell me how you make curls of chocolate?

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MascaraOHara Thu 07-Aug-08 11:07:23

do I melt it, spread it thin on a baking tray to dry then scrape it off?

mishymoo Thu 07-Aug-08 11:09:09

I was going to say use a peeler [[ like this]

mishymoo Thu 07-Aug-08 11:09:31


SazzlesA Thu 07-Aug-08 11:09:46

Message withdrawn

FrazzledFairyFay Thu 07-Aug-08 11:09:54

Melt it, spread it on a baking tray, put it in fridge and then use a veg peeler - it can be a bit tricky so good luck smile

SazzlesA Thu 07-Aug-08 11:10:25

Message withdrawn

mishymoo Thu 07-Aug-08 11:11:05

grin SazzlesA

Carmenere Thu 07-Aug-08 11:11:14

I find pulling a knife over it better.

MascaraOHara Thu 07-Aug-08 11:12:10

I thought you did it with a peeler but I tried it and it just crumbled.. will try again


moondog Thu 07-Aug-08 11:13:12

Pick curls up with toothpick so heat of fingers doesn't melt them.

SazzlesA Thu 07-Aug-08 11:13:31

Message withdrawn

MascaraOHara Thu 07-Aug-08 11:15:54

I did already so there will be no white chocolate curls...

I can see I will be shite at this malarky..

in my defence it was G&B white choc

nailpolish Thu 07-Aug-08 11:16:42

dont forget to put it in fridge first

MascaraOHara Thu 07-Aug-08 11:18:16

they've been in fridge o/n

off to try again

MascaraOHara Thu 07-Aug-08 11:26:15

nope, didn't work..

chco bar just crumbled

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