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banana and walnut cake. forgot the walnuts, should i substitute them with...

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tyaca Wed 06-Aug-08 16:28:00





a smattering of alpen just to mix things up a bit??

thats all i have that might work

or any combo thereof? what do you think?

Cies Wed 06-Aug-08 16:30:54

Oh, I don't know. Try a smattering of all just to see?

Or what about chocolate? Banana and chocolate are a great combination.grin

broccolispears Wed 06-Aug-08 16:31:52


Not got any apricots then?

Katisha Wed 06-Aug-08 16:45:12

What have you got?
Or just miss 'em out.

Katisha Wed 06-Aug-08 16:45:41

Sorry - misread. I'd miss 'em all out and just have banana loaf.

cornsilk Wed 06-Aug-08 16:47:12

cherries - what recipe are you using - I was going to make that.

tyaca Wed 06-Aug-08 16:47:44

no chocolate. choc doesnt last more than five min round here. no apricots either. i think i will just add everything and see what happens.

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