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Cookery book (or even course) suggestions - want something 'cheffy' or refined rather than my usual homely stuff

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HolidaysQueen Wed 06-Aug-08 16:00:22

It's my birthday in a few weeks time and as I love cooking I'd quite like to get a new cook book and I'm looking for suggestions.

I'm a good home cook - I can do all sorts of roasts, casseroles etc. and do lots of Spanish, Thai, Moroccan, Italian from scratch. I also bake lots of cakes, make homemade pizza and occasionally do bread etc. However I would say my style is homely rather than refined and I'd like to learn to be a bit more refined smile

I want to learn things like how to make really good sauces, how to make different pastries etc. I also want to get better with fish as I'm not very instinctive when it comes to fish and end up just steaming it and serving with veg most of the time.

Do you have any suggestions of books that would be good for me? Or even any cookery courses you've done that you'd recommend? I live in London but willing to travel a little bit for a good weekend course.

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