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Twiga Fri 11-Feb-05 20:24:42

Does anyone have any tips for how to get rid of chilli from your hands when you've been chopping fresh ones? Have just rubbed my eyes again, having forgotten I'd been chopping them earlier and it really stings !

pixiefish Fri 11-Feb-05 20:25:36

oh... how many times have i done that... potato is meant to be good for this- peel one and rub it all over your hands

Twiga Fri 11-Feb-05 20:32:20

Thanks pixiefish, will give it a go

NotQuiteCockney Sat 12-Feb-05 08:13:48

The trick I use is, I oil my hands before chopping fresh chilis, and then soap/oil/soap them afterwards. The chili oils bind to the vegetable oils, and they both go away with the soap. It works pretty well - test your finger in your mouth after the last soaping to see if it's all gone.

Twiga Sun 13-Feb-05 12:54:27

Presume you just use a small ammount of oil? Have visions of me chopping off my fingers due to slippery hands - am such a clutz Will give it a go next time though, combined with pixiefishes potatoe I should be home and dry

NotQuiteCockney Sun 13-Feb-05 13:51:47

Just a little, yeah. It does make things slippery, but anything to avoid spicy fingers! (except wearing gloves. I just can't face it, somehow)

I find the peppers feel more slippery than the knife, which is probably good.

Dior Sun 13-Feb-05 14:16:58

Message withdrawn

NotQuiteCockney Sun 13-Feb-05 16:09:25

I just never use gloves, for anything. I need to feel what I'm doing. Or something. DH always thinks I should just use disposable gloves for chopping peppers, and even got some, but somehow ... ugh.

Demented Sun 13-Feb-05 16:20:23

I use Very Lazy Chillies out the jar .

NotQuiteCockney Sun 13-Feb-05 16:38:19

Oh, I use dried chillis sometimes, too, or those chilli seeds you get in a jar. But some recipes just work better with real fresh chillis, and the milder ones have an interesting flavour, too, generally.

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