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Can someone who adds chocolate to their homemade chilli..

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hughjarssss Wed 06-Aug-08 12:01:39

give me their recipe please

I would really like to try this!

moondog Wed 06-Aug-08 12:02:37

Just add a tablespoon of cocoa at simmering stage.

nell12 Wed 06-Aug-08 12:03:37

Usual chilli recipe; just add a strip of good plain chocolate and allow to melt just before adding the kidney beans.

Thats it really grin

lazaroulovesleggings Wed 06-Aug-08 12:06:51

What?! Chocolate chilli!!!! Is it nice?

hughjarssss Wed 06-Aug-08 12:13:40

I need the whole recipe! I have never made homemade chili blush

When you good what brand would you recommend?

TheDevilWearsPrimark Wed 06-Aug-08 12:15:37

Green and Blacks

CountessDracula Wed 06-Aug-08 12:16:55

what i do

Fry for eg 500g mince (buffalo if you can get it otherwise lean beef) and a couple of chopped onions and a couple of cloves of chopped garlic

In a cup mix up

1 very heaped tsp flour
1 oxo cube or similar
1 tsp cocoa or hot choc powder or grated choc (dark)
2 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp chili powder or half a tsp of hot chili powder (or more/less to taste of course)

Mix in with the onion/mince and fry for a couple of minutes, stirring.

Chuck in a can of chopped tomatoes and a can of kidney beans. Add other things eg mushrooms if you like. I usually cook for 40 mins to bring out flavour of spices and sometimes add another tin of toms and freeze half - if so up the spices a bit

cornflakegirl Wed 06-Aug-08 12:48:57

A friend of ours gave us a recipe for a two part chilli - mince and onions in one pan, bean salsa (inc red wine and 1 tbsp cocoa) in another. The salsa is soooo good - quite happy to eat that and leave the meat!

stirlingmum Wed 06-Aug-08 13:30:33

I have tried a few and love Jamies Chilli from his Happy Days book.

Will post recipe if you need it.

hughjarssss Wed 06-Aug-08 14:52:59

Thanks for all the recipes.

Stirlingmum I would love it if you could post the recipe if its not too much trouble

hughjarssss Wed 06-Aug-08 14:54:03

Cornflake girl - how do you make the slasa, is it beans, red wine and coco?

Twiglett Wed 06-Aug-08 14:54:20

just grate in a lump of quality plain chocolate (72% or over) in the last couple of minutes

cornflakegirl Wed 06-Aug-08 15:06:23

The salsa is basically everything that I would put in chilli except the meat! DH usually makes it, so can't remember exactly, but I think onion, garlic, bean, chopped tinned tomatoes, tomato puree, red wine, chilli (fresh or powder), cocoa. It makes this gorgeous rich sauce. DH serves the meat and salsa with flour tortillas and sour cream. But the meat, tortillas and sour cream are entirely optional afaic.

Will post proper recipe later if you want?

cornflakegirl Wed 06-Aug-08 15:08:50

Ah - just read your earlier message about never having made chilli shock wink. Will post recipe!

stirlingmum Wed 06-Aug-08 18:55:17

Jamie's Chilli.

2 onions, chopped
1 clove garlic
2 tspn chilli powder
1 red chilli, chopped (seeds left in if you like it hot)
1 heaped tspn cumin
500g minced beef
200g sun dried tom paste (sacla do this or sainsbury's own label)
2 400g tins tomatoes
1/2 stick cinnamon
2 400g tins kidney beans

fry onions & garlic in olive oil until soft. Add chilli powder, fresh chilli, cumin, salt & pepper.
Add mince & cook till browned.
Add sun dried tom paste (this is a fab ingredient and adds a lovely flavour - I add it to lots of casseroles now)
Add tomatoes, cinnamon stick & wineglass of water.
Bring to boil, cover and simmer on very low heat for 1hr
add kidney beans (and chocolate, if using)
cook for 30 mins more.

This is good cooked the day before and then heated up again. It will taste great.

hughjarssss Wed 06-Aug-08 19:15:23

Thank you stirlingmum!
Great thing about that recipe is that I have most of the ingrediants already.
What size wineglass did you use?
Sounds delicious, can't wait to make it!

BreeVanderCampLGJ Wed 06-Aug-08 19:20:59

Large grin

hughjarssss Wed 06-Aug-08 19:34:46

Thats handy.

I only own large ones!

cornflakegirl Wed 06-Aug-08 20:52:01

Okay, two pot chilli recipe:

Pot 1:
Onion, garlic, mince fried together.
Add 1/2 mug stock, 1/2 mug red wine, tomato puree.
Season and simmer to reduce.

Pot 2 (the good one):
Onion, garlic, red chilli pepper (or dried chilli powder) fried together.
Add tin of tomatoes, tin of kidney beans, tomato puree, 1 tbsp cocoa powder.
Season and simmer.

hughjarssss Wed 06-Aug-08 21:30:02

Thanks Cornflakegirl.

You've got me very exicited about trying the bean salsa now!

missinglalaland Thu 07-Aug-08 09:58:37

When I make spag bol I make twice as much as I need, then I use the exta half to make chilli on another night. I just add a tin of chopped tomatoes and a tin of kidney beans to it along with extra spices (chilli powder, oregano, cumin, paprika, powdered garlic.) I serve it over rice with grated cheddar cheese on top.

(I am American, my family are from Texas. This tastes pretty "authentic." )

Adding chocolate sounds a little bit like Mexican Mole sauce.

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