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I know its not organic etc etc but can feed the family for around £3 for all of us!!!

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eandh Wed 06-Aug-08 10:01:13

Morrisons have got fresh diced chicken for 50p per pack know its not the 'best' chicken in the world but money is tight and I am economising so got 2 packs of diced chicken for £1 (actually got 4 packs but made dd1 queue and pay for 2 as limited to 2 packs per customer)

I can make chicken and mushroom pie (got pastry in freezer) and with veg can feed all 4 of us for around £2.50 tonight, tomorrow will be chicken curry and rice (mini nann breads also on offer 37p for 4) and fresh butcher burgers were 50p a pack so Friday (dd's have dinners at mil because I am at work) will be burgers in a bun with salad and wedges.

Cheapo food week and freezer full so hopefully only have to spend £10 a week from fresh bits milk, bread, veg, fruit till the end of the month (which means I have done the whole mponths shopping inc nappies, meat, cleaning stuff etc for £140!!!)

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