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Is Netto as good as lidl and aldi?

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sdc1110 Tue 05-Aug-08 20:07:24

We don't have a aldi or lidl near us but have a netto. Is it any good or should I stick with tesco

Goober Tue 05-Aug-08 20:14:40

I have never heard of them until just now. I looked at their website and they seem to have all brand names. Lidl and Aldi sell mostly their own products. If you think it might save you a few quid, give it a try.

lucysmam Tue 05-Aug-08 20:21:49

they're not too bad, same sort of thing really. i sometimes find their fruit/veg selection quite boring though tbh.

we use asda (mostly smartprice) and netto for our fortnightly shop and the prices on tinned stuff from their own brands are not hugely different.

one thing i have noticed though, i used to be able to do a fortnights shop in netto for £30ish but recently some of their own brand products are fluctuating in price quite a bit like bread is 37p one week and 49 the next. its only odd things though, worth a trip to explore!

chonky Tue 05-Aug-08 20:26:37

I did a Lidl shop yesterday and then compared prices with Asda - they were pretty much the same shock. Do you have an Asda near you?

callmeovercautious Tue 05-Aug-08 20:30:47

I went off them when I tipped frozen peas in the pan of boiling water to find a huge maggot simmering away 5 minutes later sad

QueenyEisGotTheBall Tue 05-Aug-08 20:39:16

we use netto mainly for our weekly shop as we would spend £80-90 on a shop in the asda and spend 35-45 in netto on pretty much the same thingssmile
CMOC was it asda where you had the maggot? i bought steamfresh veg from their own brand range and found maggots in the frozen baby corn!!shock i took it back (the bag of veg not just the maggotsmile) and they gave me a quadruple refund and 2 weeks later i got a letter in the post profusely apologising and it had a £25 gift card attatchedsmile worth buying (and almost eating) a maggot corn i thinkgrin
xx ei xx

chonky Tue 05-Aug-08 21:23:44

lol at queeny, but <boak> at maggoty veg.

chonky Tue 05-Aug-08 21:24:03

will be sticking to Lidl in future

callmeovercautious Tue 05-Aug-08 21:46:56

Sorry queeny - it was netto sad

I know it can happen anywhere but it kind of puts you off. Funnily enough if it is stuff I grow myself I don't care hmm

kiskidee Tue 05-Aug-08 21:51:01

Netto is a main supermarket in Scandanavia.

QueenyEisGotTheBall Tue 05-Aug-08 22:24:10

oh well i will be going over my netto frozen veg with a fine pronged fork in future CMOCgrin<<bleurgh>>
suddenly eating junk food seems much more appealing than usualgrin
xx ei xx

kiskidee Tue 05-Aug-08 22:35:13

maggots are rich in proteins. great addition to veg. grin

QueenyEisGotTheBall Tue 05-Aug-08 22:37:03

as delicious as that sounds kiskidee that is most definitely NOT a diet i will be tryinggrinwink
xx ei xx

Ambi Tue 05-Aug-08 22:39:50

Netto has more english brand names in it, but the one near us is a big pokey and messy, that's the only reason I don't regularly shop there, pricewise it's as cheap as the others.

Boak at maggoty food though.

Flibbertyjibbet Tue 05-Aug-08 22:50:02

There is a netto 2 mins walk from our house so we go there rather than drive to Asda. Its pretty basic but if basics are what you want then its the cheapest. I find lidl and aldi have too much deli type stuff that we don't really buy. The aldi/lidl bread is shite but netto do hovis etc. Yes the fruit and veg selection might be boring but if you are trying to save money then there is an argument for NOT buying exotic fruit?

Never had any maggots in anything.

frankone Fri 13-May-16 17:57:54

Netto have some good offers but the service is absolutely awful ,one person on thje till for 10 people today im going to stop going if they cant improve

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