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How much sugar and oil does a Betty Crockers chocolated fudge icing tub has?

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Chandra Fri 11-Feb-05 11:28:16

Not trying to be pretty about nutrition. I just eat the full tub with a spoon and I'm wondering how many days I need to fast for the "extra" calories. Anyone?

Estimates welcome, no nutritional information available on the label.

snafu Fri 11-Feb-05 11:29:57

LOL Chandra! If there's no nutritional info then I'd say... A LOT! You'd probably need to fast for approx 2 weeks

God, that sounds fabulous though. I could just eat something like that.

Chandra Fri 11-Feb-05 15:19:56

Can't believe it, I'm feeling hungry again!!!

turquoise Fri 11-Feb-05 15:24:16

Lawks Chandra - my tub says 150 cals per serving (80 cals) fat - and there's 13 servings in the tub! But it is glorious.

turquoise Fri 11-Feb-05 15:26:36

And hey - it's got 2% of your daily iron requirement so it's healthy

Cadbury Fri 11-Feb-05 15:27:10

Hi Turq!

turquoise Fri 11-Feb-05 15:28:25

Hi Cadders, how are you?

Cadbury Fri 11-Feb-05 15:31:12

Good thanks, just dreaming about the chocolate fudge icing. How are you?

Chandra, did anyone see you eat it? If no one did then it has no calories and no fat content and requires no atonement.

Chandra Fri 11-Feb-05 15:36:15

Cadbury !

That makes 1950 calories which is the equivalent of 4.105263158 KitKats... why am I feeling relieved?!?!?!?!

turquoise Fri 11-Feb-05 15:37:58

I'm ok thanks, back to the UK for good soon .
I actually think you've got the right idea Chandra - the icing's the best bit so you're actually dieting by leaving out the cake.

Chandra Fri 11-Feb-05 15:40:46

Don't start me on the cake turquoise! it's laying there in the kichen and I'm wondering if I should go and buy another icing tub if at least to hide my "crime"!

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