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Ideas please !

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LIZS Mon 04-Aug-08 11:58:56

Got friends coming to stay for a long weekend soon. She always rustles up the most yummy food from scratch including puds whereas I'm not the most natural cook. Need 2-3 main meal ideas please to feed 9 - flexible for non meat/rice eaters ! - preferably to start in advance and freeze. If weather is good we can always bbq !

lilolilmanchester Mon 04-Aug-08 12:11:25

Can you clarify non-meat? Does that include poultry and fish? Or just red meat?

LIZS Mon 04-Aug-08 13:22:55

Not red meat , preferably not chicken but fish ok.

lilolilmanchester Mon 04-Aug-08 13:36:04

Salmon en croute is dead easy, can be assembled in advance, and looks/tastes like you've spent hours in the kitchen.

Simply cook trout or mackerel in foil cases with onion, lemon, wine.

Traditional Fish pie.

Jamie Oliver's cod, prawn and avocado covered in cream and cheese and baked.

Home made pizza and salad? Quiche? Salad buffet?

Stir fry veg served with noodles

Struggle after that cos we're major meat/poultry eaters.


Warm soft fruit salad

Lemon meringue icecream served with Lemon Drizzle Cake and mixed berries

Grilled Pineapple with Barbados Cream (Cream/yog whipped together and layered with muscovado/similar sugar)

Magic Chocolate pudding

Baked Camembert (also good for lunch/snack)

Most of these recipes should be available via google or even MNet search, let me know if you like the sound of any and you can't find them elsewhere

LIZS Mon 04-Aug-08 14:26:44

ooh thank you , lots of good ides We did a Salmon en croute Christmas eve a few years back so will look that oen out.

lilolilmanchester Mon 04-Aug-08 18:53:28

bumping for LizS call always struggle for posh vegetarian dishes

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