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salt-free chicken stock?

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lunarx Thu 10-Feb-05 22:44:54

is this something i can buy here? either in liquid or cube form? i've looked in all the major grocery stores and at health food shops as well.. any advice welcomed


melsy Thu 10-Feb-05 22:46:19

Joubiere , in orange tub > ocado have it online.

HunkerMunker Thu 10-Feb-05 22:46:31

Budgens have lo-salt organic stock cubes (iirc, it's 0.03% where normal stock is 0.4%). Not sure if it's chicken or veg tho. Not very helpful, am I?!

Frizbe Thu 10-Feb-05 22:46:38

I think I've seen this thread somewhere before? can't remember the outcome though...most seem to have 0.4g of salt in them.....

lunarx Thu 10-Feb-05 23:07:46

oooh thanks for the responses

gingernut Thu 10-Feb-05 23:13:13

Joubere stock does contain salt (0.2 g sodium per 100g). Lowest salt stock I have found is Kallo low salt vegetable stock cubes (0.03g sodium per 100ml of stock). I get them from the local health food shop.


sweetkitty Fri 11-Feb-05 16:27:07

I got the Kallo low salt organic vegetable ones from my local safeway/morrisons.

Much easier than faffing about trying to make Annabel Karmels (has anyone ever made it????)

piffle Fri 11-Feb-05 16:52:14

I made it!!! then froze it in handy little tubs
now of course I use the kallo low salt veg ones

lunarx Fri 11-Feb-05 22:13:47

i think i'm leaning towards making it too, dont want any added salt in ds's diet...

Linnet Fri 11-Feb-05 22:18:17

I make my own chicken stock

lunarx Fri 11-Feb-05 22:21:06

mind if i ask for any tips on making some? >linnet

SofiaAmes Fri 11-Feb-05 22:49:14

You should also check whether they have MSG (monosodium glutamate) which is a flavor enhancer that doesn't agree with lots of people (give me blurry vision and headaches). I think Kallo is one of the only brands that doesn't have it.

gingernut Fri 11-Feb-05 23:15:05

yeah I made it too (a la Annabel Karmel) but then I discovered the Kallo stock cubes! Did also use Joubere diluted with water, as it is lower salt than others, and ds seems to be OK .

gingernut Fri 11-Feb-05 23:24:56

This is Annabel Karmel's recipe for chicken stock:

1 large boiler chicken plus giblets
2 parsnips, 3 carrots, 2 leeks, 2 large onions, 1 celery stalk, 3 sprigs fresh parsley.

Cut chicken into 8 pieces, simmer with veg in 2.25 litres water for 3 hours. Leave in fridge overnight and remove congealed fat from top. Strain out chicken and veg to make stock, Season to taste.

You can puree some of the chicken breast with some of the vegetables and stock to make a chicken and veg puree for oyur baby.

Stock and puree can be frozen.

I found it was easier to buy chicken pieces rather than trying to hack a whole chicken into pieces.

Alternatively, you can make veg stock: saute veg (similar mix to above) in butter for 5 mins, cover with water and simmer for about 1 hour. Strain off vegetables.


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