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How to lure DP into meat free meals?

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Badgermoose Sun 03-Aug-08 10:40:57

DP is confirmed carnivore. I'd really like to sneak a few meat free meals in both from a health point of view and it would help our shopping budget. Any suggestions (or suggestions for good vegetarian cook books) gratfully received.

He loves curry and I have managed the odd dhal without too much complaint but a sl wider repetoire than 1 dish would be fab. Just to be difficult he's not really a pasta/pizza fan. <sighs at realisation that its harder to get veggies into DP than DCs>

Twinkie1 Sun 03-Aug-08 10:45:32

Spanish omlette is always a good standby in this house - just chuck everything you have veggie wise into it - new pots, peppers, onions, mushrooms - I usually put a bit of chorizo in if DH demands meat but he is used to us having at least 3 days a week when we don't eat meat.

Risotto is one we also have quite a lot - we have a mushroom one with asparagus!

lucysmam Sun 03-Aug-08 10:49:04

we tried risotto for the 1st time the other week with loads of mush and onions and some leftover chicken n it was very tasty <blows own trumpet>. i think that would work well with just veggies in it or maybe just a little bit of meat if dp really wants it.

mine is starting to get the idea that we can't afford to have meat every night so just suggest it to him (thats what i did and mine was more open to trying something new than i thought he'd be!)

yawningmonster Sun 03-Aug-08 10:55:09

ah I am a vege married to a carnivore and it has taken a few years but dh now content to eat mainly vege diet with the odd bit of meat (which he shoots himself) here and there. I just counted on his inborn lazy streak that if there was a hot meal wafting fumes at him then he would eat it rather than faff around making himself another that had meat in iyswim.
In our house dahl is a big hit, shepherdess pie, green thai curry, vege burgers, omelette, frittata, vege bake, vege pie, vege chilli, tacos and wraps with refried bean salsa, chickpea and vege soup all go down well,

pinata Mon 04-Aug-08 14:41:03

oh, this could be my thread - DH is a proper full scale carnivore, and i have been veggie since birth, so couldn't cook meat even if i wanted to

the secret with him is to make sure there is a) a meat substitute in evidence and b) LOTS of food for his portion

we eat mainly west indian food - Delicious Jamaica by Yvonne McCalla Sobers (you can get it on Amazon) has stacks of tasty and very easy recipes in it

typical meal in our house = curry, rice, coleslaw, plantain, some kind of meat thing (eg quorn fillets marinated in jerk seasoning) and if feeling fancy, i add plantain and potato salad

big plate of that will fill any belly

other things we eat lots of are rice fried with quorn chicken pieces, veg, chinese spice mix and lots of soya sauce

also veggie chilli, spag bol etc and veggie bangers and mash goes down a treat if you make the mash out of sweet potato and add garlic and thyme to it

i also make the jamie oliver meatballs 'n' more recipe (in the feed your family for a fiver thing he did recently) with frozen veggie meatballs

i couldn't offer anything made of just veg - DH would go out and get a takeaway afterwards, claiming he was still hungry...

mosschops30 Mon 04-Aug-08 14:46:28

oh dear, I feel for you. I have virtually given up meat now after happily eating it for years.
I get round it by making pasta (which dh loves) and veggie lasagne, which he moaned about but then actually quite liked.

I know its hard, and the worst is making two or more meals for your family, as if making one isnt bad enough!

MadameOvary Mon 04-Aug-08 14:47:08

One word - QUORN.
I was a carnivore before meeting my veggie DP and I no longer miss meat.
Veggie food manufacturers are finally waking up to the fact that some veggies want some good meat substitutes.
Most recent delights are Quorn mini scotch eggs, you honestly cannot tell the difference, and KFC style popping corn.
Tesco's meat free range is good too. I am currently addicted to their kievs.

You can also have a full English breakfast, right down to the bacon! grin

I also love a good risotto with goats cheese, the cheese more than makes up for the missing meat.

seb1 Mon 04-Aug-08 14:47:48

Saw this on this morning and it looked nice Pie

TillyScoutsmum Mon 04-Aug-08 14:54:44

Dp is the same - this salad goes down well though here although we do sometimes throw a few bits of chorizo in

spokette Mon 04-Aug-08 14:56:59

A few months ago, I served my DH vegetarian cottage pie where I replaced the mince with brown lentils and used beef stock to enhance the flavour. To this day he has no idea it was a veggie meal!!grin

It is easy to replace mince in things like bolognese sauce, cottage pie etc with lentils/beans. Add lots of chopped veg too.

Stir fries and soups are good too for veggie meals.

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