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If im making home made lasagne to freeze

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stoppinattwo Sat 02-Aug-08 09:33:37

do I cook it first and then freeze it??

JulesJules Sat 02-Aug-08 09:35:19

I usually freeze lasagne uncooked.

AnAngelWithin Sat 02-Aug-08 09:36:02

i cook mine first but i use the 'hard/dried' lasagne sheets. im not sure if you have to if your using the 'fresh' lasagne sheets if that makes sense?

stoppinattwo Sat 02-Aug-08 09:37:17

I have the hard dried ingredients....the shop bought frozen ones seem ready cooked but i just wasnt sure

castlesintheair Sat 02-Aug-08 09:38:36

I cook it first and I use fresh lasagne. I sometimes cut it into portions for the DCs before freezing if I am feeling particularly domesticated.

popsycal Sat 02-Aug-08 09:39:00

i always cook and freeze the left overs...

stoppinattwo Sat 02-Aug-08 09:39:53

lol castle....domestic goddess moments are rare in my house grin

JulesJules Sat 02-Aug-08 09:39:53

I use the hard lasagne sheets too, I don't precook them before making the lasagne up, just put in the freezer at the point you would put it in the oven to bake. Works fine!

stoppinattwo Sat 02-Aug-08 09:42:13

cool....thankyou everybody.....DD and I are having a bit of a cooking day today, we are making scones, crispy cakes and Im making a lasange too but have too much stuff so will split it up grin DP will think I have been wife swapped wink

gerbo Sun 03-Aug-08 17:49:31

Well I freeze mine cooked, and it's completely fine (just made with regular dried lasagne sheets)! Enjoy cooking - did you make some?!

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